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1000 years old of Lord Mahadev temple Girgaon gwalior

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Lord Mahadev Temple Girgaon Gwalior: This divine temple is 1000 years old. The court of Lord Shiva is situated in Lord Mahadev Temple, Girgaum Gwalior.

There is a 1000 year old divine temple of Lord Mahadev in Girgaum, about 15 kilometers away from Gwalior city. Where Lord Mahadev is not only a deity but is present in the form of Justice Mahadev.

The specialty of this temple is that Mahadev’s court is held on Shivratri. Lord Bholenath himself listens to the cases of the people and also gives verdict on them. No one goes against this decision.

Not only this, the entire village and people coming from nearby states accept the decision of Mahadev. People believe that Mahadev’s decision is final.

Lord Mahadev temple Girgaon gwalior: Justice Mahadev

Mahadev’s court is held here. Here the arbitrator sits and cases are heard. Arguments are presented by both the sides. At last Lord Mahadev acts as a judge and gives his verdict.

This decision given by the Panchas on behalf of Mahadev is final for the people. The reputation of this temple is such that no one ever appeals after its decision.

People and villagers associated with the temple say that a grand puja is performed here on Monday and Mahadev’s court is held. Any person can appeal to Mahadev’s court whenever he wants.

It is said that people have very deep faith in this temple. That’s why people come to Mahadev with their disputes. Till now Mahadev has given more than 1000 decisions here. Every Mahashivratri, a big court is held here and a large number of people come here to visit.

Here, people not only from the state but also from Rajasthan, UP and Gujarat come to Mahadev’s court with their cases.

It is said that more such cases come to Mahadev’s court in which one party suspects the other party of murder, theft or conspiracy. After taking oath on Mahadev, people believe in what they say.

Nowadays, a large number of people are coming here due to family disputes and such matters. The work of this Lord Mahadev temple Girgaon gwalior is unique in itself.

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