30cr brown sugar found-Babar Ali, Ghafar, Salim, Tajibur and Karibul Islam arrested

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30cr brown sugar found– In Siliguri, West Bengal, SOG has arrested six accused with brown sugar worth Rs 30 crore by conducting a joint operation with the police of Pradhan Nagar police station.

The names of these accused are Parimal Rai, Babar Ali, Ghafar Ali, Salim Shaikh, Tajibur Rahman and Karibul Islam.

Among the accused, Babar, Ghafar, Salim, Tajibur and Karibul are residents of Murshidabad and Parimal is a resident of Naxalbari.

It is being told that both Babar and Gafar from Murshidabad had reached Siliguri on Saturday for delivery with brown sugar worth crores of rupees.

Was roaming near Darjeeling turn for delivery of brown sugar. Just then Parimal Rai arrived with his bike to take delivery of brown sugar. T

hen SOG and Pradhan Nagar police station arrested Babar Ali, Ghafar Ali and Parimal Rai.

Upon search, two kilos of brown sugar was recovered from all three. After this all three were arrested under NDPS Act.

At the same time, after interrogating all three, SOG conducted an operation in Rajendra Nagar under Ward No. 1 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation. And arrested Salim Shaikh, Tajibur Rehman and Karibul Islam along with two kilos of 30cr brown sugar found.

A total of four kilos of brown sugar has been seized from the arrested accused. Whose estimated market value is Rs 30 crore.

A case has been registered against the arrested accused under NDPS Act and further action has been started.

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