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Ashok Singhal Jayanti: Founder of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Movement

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Today is Ashok Singhal Jayanti. As soon as he is remembered, the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement comes to mind. The aim of his life was to bridge the cracks of Hindu society. It was he who initiated the national pride Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

The time has come for which the vast society of India was waiting for five centuries. A foreign invader had attacked the core of India by destroying the temple of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, a symbol of India’s consciousness.

India remained in disarray for five centuries. There were wars after wars. Seventy-six conflicts took place and approximately four lakh people sacrificed their lives in it.

But the struggle that took place after India’s independence was itself amazing and unique. This movement united the whole of India.

Ashok Singhal Jayanti: Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement

In fact, the Sandhi period of the twentieth and twenty-first century will be recorded in the pages of history as the period of renaissance of Hindu society.

This is the period when the Hindu society burst onto the world stage by breaking the feeling of self-forgetfulness and self-deprivation arising from being held in the shackles of subjugation for centuries.

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement became the basis for awakening the sleeping manhood of Hindu society. This movement was not just a movement to build a temple but was a movement to awaken national self-respect.

It was a movement to declare the cultural independence of the nation by repairing the attack on the nation’s self-respect by the foreign invader.

After an exhausting struggle of four hundred and ninety years, now all the obstacles to the construction of a grand temple at Shri Ram’s birthplace have ended.

Mahayagya of India’s national unity

That auspicious occasion has come when the construction of the grand temple has started. Then, with the remembrance of this movement, the names of its heroes emerge prominently.

That is from Reverend Ashok Sinhal. Today is Ashok Singhal Jayanti. Ashok Sinhal ji was one of those great men who shook the dormant vast consciousness of the nation through the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

The differences between province, language and region became dormant. In fact, this movement was a great sacrifice for the national unity of India.

This was the Mahayagya in which India loving Shri Ram devotees not only from Ladakh to Kanyakumari and from Arunachal to Gujarat but also living anywhere in the world became united in the thread of unity.

Ashok Singhal played a unique role in uniting Sant Shakti

The backbone of this entire movement was the Sant Shakti of India. And Revered Ashok Singhal played a unique role in uniting this saint power. Just as Ashok ji had immense faith in the saints, similarly the saints had unwavering faith and love for Ashok ji.

In this movement, be it Shaiva Parampara, Vaishnav Parampara, Shakta or Jain, Sikh and Buddhist, everyone kept receiving affection and harmony somewhere.

This movement received amazing support from religious leaders of all the sects that emerged in India. This was a wonderful example of the spiritual unity of India and the architect of this great work was revered Ashok Singhal ji.

Wonderful motivator of social harmony

This movement was a wonderful inspiration not only for national unity but also for social harmony. In this movement, all differences of caste, caste, creed and sect united and became united in the name of Shri Ram. India belongs to Ram and Ram is the only truth of this India, everything else had disappeared.

There was only one tune in the street, village and crossroads, everyone was on the rise.

Ramalala ham aaenge, mandir bhavy banaayenge

Ram, who resided in every particle, had materialized in a huge form. All the elderly people were anxious for the grand temple at Shri Ram’s birthplace just as Shabari was waiting during exile in Treta Yuga and Bharat was waiting during his return to Ayodhya.

Shri Ram is the public consciousness of Bharat

For ages, India becomes distressed and distraught due to the attacks and retributions inflicted on Shri Ram. Because Shri Ram is the public consciousness of India.

Therefore, the people of India have always been tested on the criterion of the tradition of Shri Ram. The construction of a grand temple at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi does not mean merely the construction of a temple but the construction of India.

The insult to Shri Ram’s birthplace was an insult to the public consciousness of India. Now India is revising it. But its full success will be achieved only when Shri Ram resides not only in the temple but in the public consciousness.

And it should be established in public life in such a way that no invader can dare to look at not only the birthplace of Shri Ram but also this sacred nation of India.

The tradition of Shri Ram is the spirit of India. When this feeling is weak then India is weak. Therefore, if India has to be made powerful then the spirit of Ram will have to be made powerful.

Conclusion: Ashok Singhal Jayanti

Today is the holy Ashok Singhal Jayanti. Let us all pay tribute to him on his Jayanti. Let’s Naman them. Inspired by his life, they take a vow to save their nation from trouble. We all belong to the nation. This nation is our home and society.

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