Ayodhya Deepotsav: Online login started to light a diya

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Ayodhya Deepotsav: With the ‘Deepotsav’ in Ayodhya just a day away. People can be a part of it by paying with a sum as low as Rs 51 for a diya to Rs 1,100 for 51 diyas in Ayodhya deepotsav.

The only difference here will be that your diya will be illuminated at a designated place picked by you, at the click of the mouse at the virtual space developed by Ayodhya Development Authority for the purpose.

The only difference here will be that your Diya will be illuminated at the specified location chosen by you. Everyone can light their lamp in Ayodhya deepotsav by clicking the mouse on the virtual space.

It has been developed by Ayodhya Development Authority for this very purpose.

Ayodhya Deepotsav: Online Portal Available

The dedicated portal available for Ayodhya deepotsav festival. which will play e-Deepotsav, has been set up for people who want to take part in the mega event from far off places.

The Ayodhya deepotsav portal also offers live feed of the events unfolding in Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) on the occasion of Deepotsav.

A special online program has been prepared to connect the worshipers of Lord Ram from India and abroad with the Festival of Lights. Such information has been shared by Deputy Director of Tourism Department, R.P. Yadav.

“The idea is to let people buy e-lamps by booking packages in this e-Deepotsav and feel connected with the noble event.”

R.P. Yadav

Ayodhya Deepotsav: online diy price

In Ayodhya Deepotsav, you can light lamps for yourself at different prices.

  • While 1 can buy a diya for Rs 5
  • 11 diya Rs 101
  • 21 diya Rs 501
  • 51 diya Rs 1100

Those who are making the booking will be able to click and light the lamp from their homes. At Ram Ki Paidi, Saryu Ghats, Mutts, Temples and other religious places In Shri Ram janmbhoomi Ayodhya for Ayodhya deepotsav.

Ayodhya Deepotsav Prasad will also come to your house

Along with this, prizes like lamps, cardamom seeds or laddu prasad, model of Ram temple, souvenirs of Ramnami Gamcha, Ram Darwar, etc., will be sent to them by courier as per the package, he added.

Official online portal

Don’t get confused by any agent for Ayodhya Dipotsav. You are also protected from online fraud. Nowadays, there will be many types of fake websites in the name of online which can run away with your money.

Therefore, you should login only to the Holy Ayodhya Portal for the official Ayodhya Dipotsav of Uttar Pradesh Government.

Official website: (https://holyayodhya.com/)

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