Baloch separatists took revenge: killed 14 Pakistani soldiers

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Baloch separatists took revenge: Killed 14 Pakistani army soldiers instead of 6. This is considered to be the biggest attack on the Pakistani Army so far.

Insurgency against Pakistan and Pakistani Army has intensified in Balochistan. The separatists of Pakistan have launched an armed campaign against the Pakistani Army.

In this sequence, Baloch forces have launched a brutal attack on the Pakistani Army and killed 14 of its soldiers, baloch separatists took revenge. This is considered to be the biggest attack by Baloch rebels on the Pakistani Army so far.

Baloch separatists took revenge

According to the report, Baloch separatists had attacked the Pakistani Army convoy. This attack was carried out by Baloch rebels when the Pakistani army was moving in two vehicles.

At the same time, the Baloch rebels who were already ambushed made an unexpected attack and killed 14 Pakistani soldiers. Baloch separatists took revenge.

This year’s biggest attack by Baloch against Pakistani Army is being considered. This attack by Baloch rebels is being considered as revenge for the killing of Baloch separatists by the Pakistani Army two days ago. In which 6 Baloch people died.

Most attacks took place in August

However, the Baloch Liberation Army separatist organization has targeted the Pakistani Army throughout the year. A day before this, a similar incident had taken place in Dera Ismail Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

During that time the Liberation Army had targeted the police team. During that time, 5 people had died in that attack. Whereas, about 20 people were badly injured.

The month of August was the worst month of this year for Pakistan. This claim has been made in a report of Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies. That in the month of August this year, Pakistan was attacked maximum 99 times. This figure is the highest since November 2014.

Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan attacked Mianwali airbase

There has been a suicide attack on Pakistan’s Mianwali airbase. During this encounter, the army has killed three rebels. Many army personnel are also reported to have been injured in the attack.

Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan has taken responsibility for this attack. Mianwali is the main airbase of Pakistan. Where F-16 pilots are trained. Pakistan sponsored terrorists have blown up 6 planes.

Baloch separatists took revenge
Scene of Mianwali airbase attack. Photo credit: Social media via Twitter

There has been a suicide attack on the Air Force station in Mianwali, Pakistan. Unidentified gunmen armed with heavy weapons entered the training center of Pakistani Air Force in Mianwali and opened fire.

In this attack the rebels blew up three fighter planes. While many security personnel have been injured. A group of five to six heavily armed men attacked in the early morning. After which firing took place.

Pakistan sponsored terrorist blew up 6 planes

Pakistan Army’s propaganda wing ISPR said that 6 aircraft already on the ground were blown up during the attack. A fuel bowser was also heavily damaged.

Pakistan Air Force in its statement said “On November 04, 2023, in the early hours of the day, Pakistan Air Force’s Mianwali Training Air Base came under a major terrorist attack.

Due to which some Pakistani soldiers are feared dead. But Pakistan is hiding them now. However, the truth will come out later.

Pakistan is trapped in its own trap

It is noteworthy that Pakistan, which is conspiring against India, is not able to control its situation. The whole of Pakistan has reached the verge of bankruptcy.

Experts say that after taking loans from many countries including IMF to strengthen its economic condition, the country does not develop. Rather, the Pakistani government spends its money in fostering terrorism and hatching conspiracies against India.

Now the snake that has hatched itself has started biting Pakistan itself. It is obvious that Pakistan promotes terrorism in the world. All the terrorists of the world have their roots in Pakistan. In whatever form it may be.

The effect of this was that Pakistan’s foreign debt is increasing. Whereas the people there are forced to live in poverty. The effect of this is that now people have started targeting the government by forming their own groups.

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