Benefits Of Tadasana A guide to mind, brain, and body fitness

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Benefits Of Tadasana- Tadasana is one yoga that is the best among many yoga asanas. Tadasana is very beneficial for children. This helps in increasing the height of the child. If you wake up every morning and do Tadasana, then there will be no pain in your body.

It is a standing asana in the form of exercise in yoga. Yoga done regularly will make you strong not only physically but also mentally. Let us know about the method of doing Tadasana and other information.

Origin of Tadasana

Tadasana is made up of two Sanskrit words i.e. ‘Tada’ and ‘asana’. Where the literal meaning of ‘Tada’ is ‘mountain’ and the literal meaning of ‘asana’ is ‘Samasthitih’. Hence it is also called ‘Mountain Pose’. This yoga serves as the foundation. The one who has to pull the body upwards like a mountain has to stand at the same level along with it.

Right time to do Tadasana

It is better to do it in the morning and evening. Apart from this, it can be done anytime during the day. Whenever you get time, you must do Tadasana for 5 to 10 minutes. But it should be avoided immediately after eating food. There will be no harm if done after 2-3 hours of eating food.

How to do tadasana

Tadasana with PM Modi

First of all, stand straight and keep some distance between the legs.

Now raise your hands till the shoulders and keep the elephants in front and interlace your fingers. Then gently extend the wrist outwards.

Now while breathing slowly, raise both your arms above your head, keeping your body stable, keep your hands straight and stretch them.

Now slowly raise the heels of the feet and then stand on the toes.

Stretch and stretch the body from feet to fingers.

Remain in this position for 10-20 seconds (depending on your capacity) and keep breathing slowly.

Now exhale and come back to your starting position. And take a break.

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This is the first cycle, now repeat this entire cycle again.

Now do not stand on your heels in the third chakra. All remaining actions will take place.

By combining these three chakras one Tadasana was formed. Do 5 such loops in the morning and evening.

Benefits Of Tadasana

Physical and mental balance all round development

Tadasana stretches the body due to which its potential develops. Along with this comes an improvement in the breathing pattern. Due to the efficiency of body and mind, physical and mental balance develops as a whole.

Improve Posture

The action of this yoga balances the body, due to which the posture improves.

Increase in the height of the child

If children start practicing this asana soon, it can help in increasing the height. Due to this asana, there is stretch in the body, which is a factor in increasing the height.

Strength of thighs, knees and ankles

Stretching the body up while standing on the toes during asana strengthens the muscles and bones. Which strengthens the thighs, knees and ankles.

Relief from knee pain

Standing on the soles of the feet (do not stand on the toes). Doing this asana regularly provides relief from knee pain.

Removing curvature of the spine

Stretching the body upward also causes stretch in the spinal cord. Which cures spinal disorders.

Helps in creating balance

Standing on the toes in Asana helps in balancing the body.

Relief from sciatica

This asana provides relief from sciatica by repeatedly stretching and balancing downwards in both legs, moving from the spine through the hips and buttocks.

Stomach remains clean

Due to upward tension, all the internal organs of the stomach start working. Due to which stomach disorders are cured and the digestion power of food increases.

Relief in flat feet

In this, the body has to be balanced by standing on the feet. Which provides relief from balance in flat feet.

Benefits in respiratory disorders

Benefits Of Tadasana The art of taking one’s breath develops in yoga. When Tadasana is done by slowly pulling the breath upwards and then exhaling, the breathing pattern improves.

Apart from this, Tadasana provides relief in other diseases like insomnia, depression, stress, constipation, blood circulation, headache etc. for humans, but it also has some precautions. So let us know about the precautions of Tadasana. Pregnant women should not do this asana. Even if she does, do not stand on your toes and pull the body upwards less.

This asana is prohibited for those people who have severe pain in their knees, headache or pain in the spine. People with high or low blood pressure should also avoid this asana. If you have to do this then do not strain the body upwards too much and hold the breath for only 5 seconds or less. Do not do this asana immediately after meals and injured people.

A person suffering from the above mentioned diseases and other diseases and during pregnancy should do this asana only after taking help from a doctor, yoga teacher and trainer.

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Before doing this asana, definitely consult a doctor and yoga teacher. All this information is available on public platforms, we work on that information. Therefore, we are not responsible for anything being copied. We have tried our best to write it in our own language.


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