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Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer
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Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer is a tool which has become a trend all over the world. Chatgpt is a language model tool that works on open AI source. Nowadays people are getting blog post writing, website designing etc done through it.

Chat GPT is a great platform. Where you can write a good article in a very short time. This is such an AI tool with which we can know the answer to any question.

If you also want to write content with this Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer AI tool, then let us know in this post how you can earn a lot of money by writing articles.

SEO Friendly article from Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer

Step 1. First of all, go to Google and search ‘chat gpt’. Then go to its official website.

Step 2. Now you have to register with your G-mail account. Or login if already registered.

Step 3. Now you come to the home page. Here you will see the dashboard of Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer (Chatgpt). Now at the bottom you will see a tab of Send a Message.

Step 4. You can write that topic in this message tab only. The topic about which you want to write your post. You will have to give a prompt for whatever topic you want to write.

Step 5. After writing the complete topic and prompt, press the Enter button.

Step 6. Now Chatgpt will write the article for you within a few seconds of counting.

Step 7. Now read the prepared article once carefully. And if there is any mistake in it, correct it.

Step 8. Now for SEO you have to put targeted keywords in the article. Decorate your article with a good heading.

Precautions while writing articles from Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer

You know that you have just got the article written through chat gpt. This is an AI based article. You have to convert it into a man-made article. When you get your article written through Chat GPT, know about its precautions.

  • To give human touch to the article generated from Chat Gpt, you should remove technical words and insert common colloquial words.
  • You know this is an ai article. So now convert it into a perfect paragraph.
  • You should do On Page SEO of your post and also add targeted keywords related to it in your article.
  • In your article, you should include images with heading tags as well as title and meta description.
  • Although Chat GPT creates 100% plagiarism free content but it gets caught in Ai Detect. Now make it plagiarism free.

FAQ : Chat Generative Pre-Trend Transformer based articles

Can Chat Gpt be used to write SEO content?

Yes, if you know how to do on-page SEO then you can write a successful SEO friendly content with Chat Gpt.

Can an article written with Chat GPT rank in Google or not?

If you get the article written through Chat Gpt and copy paste it without making any changes in it. Then your article will never rank in Google.

Is the job of content writer in danger due to Chat GPT?

Yes. But still there is a need for a good writer in the market.

Does ChatGPT delete data after 30 days?

It cannot delete data automatically. You can delete it manually.

Does ChatGpt own your data?

ChatGPT represents that the User owns all Inputs to the extent permitted by applicable law. It gives you the best content using data collected from all over the world.

Does ChatGpt save your searches?

Yes, ChatGpt collects both all your chat status information as well as your conversation history

Can I sell content written through ChatGpt?

Yes, by doing some basic improvements and ‘Search engine optimization’ you can give the article to your client.

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