Dominica thanks India for Corona vaccine- India save our people in pendemic

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Dominica thanks India for Corona vaccine– Dominica’s Foreign Minister Vince Henderson praised India. India came forward to save our people in the time of need. Dominica thanked for the Corona vaccine.

The Foreign Minister said that one was left sitting in the capital, did not get help. But the consignment of Corona vaccine was sent immediately under the Bharat Vaccine Maitri Scheme. Due to which the people of Dominica heaved a sigh of relief.

Corona virus had emerged as a terrible epidemic all over the world. In such difficult times when big countries and companies betrayed poor countries. Then India came forward as their helper. India not only gave 200 crore doses of corona vaccine to its citizens.

In fact, the vaccine was also sent to more than 100 countries. This was also called ‘vaccine diplomacy’. Now Dominica’s Foreign Minister Vince Henderson has talked about this and praised India. Dominica thanks India for Corona vaccine.

Vince Henderson is Dominica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Trade and Energy. At the United Nations event organized in New York, he thanked for the invitation and said that he got to learn a big lesson during the Corona epidemic.

He told that during that time he spent time in a big capital of the world, whose name he will not name. He further told that his is a small country whose income is based on tourism.

Dominica was in dire need of vaccine

He also pointed out that at that time, Dominica was in dire need of the Corona vaccine for the safety of its people and to come out of the pandemic. The Foreign Minister of the Caribbean country located in the Lesser Antilles told the United Nations program that.

During that time, India came forward to help and sent Corona vaccine to Dominica. After this, Dominica also helped other countries of the Caribbean through the vaccine sent by India and this saved people’s lives.

Dominica thanks India for Corona vaccine

“I would like to personally thank the Government of India and its citizens for helping us in our time of need,” he said. Let us inform you that in February 2021, India had sent a consignment of 35,000 Corona vaccines to Dominica.

Half of Dominica’s population of 72,000 benefited from it. Then Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit had said that God had heard the prayers of his country. He had said that he did not expect that he would get help so soon from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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