Donald Trump in trouble: Accused of scam worth Rs 832 crore

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Donald Trump in trouble: Accused of scam worth Rs 832 crore. The Attorney General demands that a fine of Rs 2 thousand crores be imposed, all businesses should be banned.

Former US President Donald Trump stood trial in New York court on Monday. Donald Trump in trouble. Trump is accused of committing a scam of more than 100 million dollars.

That is more than Rs 832 crore. He has increased his net worth by looking at false information about his land and property.

Donald Trump in trouble: Attorney General Letitia James filed the case

New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed this case against Trump, which will be heard by Justice Arthur F. Are doing Angoron.

Letitia has demanded that a fine of about 250 million dollars (2 thousand crore Indian rupees) should be imposed on Trump.

Apart from this, he has also appealed to ban all the businesses of Trump and his two sons – Donald Jr. and Eric in New York. Letitia has also said that a 5-year commercial real estate ban should also be imposed against Trump and his organization.

Donald Trump in trouble, what’s the reason?

Trump overstated the value of his property for bank loan and insurance premium.

Donald Trump is accused of falsely inflating his assets between 2011 and 2021 to get bank loans and lower insurance premiums. Trump overstated the value of his real estate properties like Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, his offices and golf clubs and increased his total wealth to about Rs 18.3 thousand crores.

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In January, a New York judge refused to dismiss the attorney general’s lawsuit against Trump. The month of October was chosen for hearing in the case. Attorney General James’ case is civil, so criminal charges cannot be imposed on Trump.

What did Trump say?

Trump said- False allegations against me, Attorney General and Justice are involved in this.

Trump spoke to the media before the trial began. Trump said- This case is a scam, sham and political attack. The Democrats themselves are a corrupt and terrible organization. Justice Arthur is also biased towards the Democrats. He should be dismissed.

Trump said- Arthur is trying to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. I am protecting my and my family’s reputation from corrupt Democrats. Along with this lawsuit, Trump’s election campaign fundraising has also started.

19 more cases against Trump

A criminal case has been registered against Trump for paying money to silence a porn star, Capitol violence, taking intelligence documents home from the White House and irregularities in the Georgia elections.

Apart from this, 19 more cases are pending against Trump. In half of these cases, he is accused of misconduct and fraud while being the President.

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