Ganesh Visarjan: Know Puja Vidhi, Rules and Prohibited

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Ganesh Visarjan- The Ganpati festival, which started on 18 September 2023 Ganesh Chaturthi, will end on 28 September 2023 on Anant Chaturdashi. Ganesh Mahotsav is celebrated all over the country for 10 days. Bappa is immersed in an auspicious time on Anant Chaturdashi and we wish him to come soon next year.

Huge idols of Ganapati are immersed in rivers and ponds, while nowadays people immerse Bappa in their homes too. Often knowingly or unknowingly a person commits such mistakes during Ganesh Visarjan, which does not give the result of worship. Let us know what precautions should be taken while bidding farewell to the Ganapati idol.

Ganesh Visarjan Rules and Prohibited

Ganpati Visarjan Puja

Worship Bappa properly before Ganesh’s immersion. Offer incense, lamp, flowers, durva, naivedya to them. Now, before immersion on the banks of the river or pond, perform their aarti again. Apologize for the mistake in these 10 days.

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Immersion should be done at auspicious time only. On 28 September 2023 (Anant Chaturdarshi 2023 date) from 06:12 AM to 10:42 AM. And in the evening from 06:11 to 09:12 PM (Ganesh visarjan muhurat 2023) is the auspicious time for the immersion of Ganesh.

Immerse these ingredients with Ganapati

Immerse the ingredients like paan, supari, paan, modak, durva, and coconut offered to Ganapati in the last worship along with the idol. Often people break a coconut, according to the scriptures.

It is wrong to do so. It is believed that this coconut kept in Ganapati Puja for 10 days absorbs the negative energies of the house. In this case, it should be immersed.

Along with this, immerse the filth, hypocrisy, and hatred of the mind. So that man’s life can be simple and peaceful

Ganesh visarjan niyam

Do not throw the idol of Ganapati in the river, pond, or house with a jerk. Slowly immerse the statue. The idol may break if left suddenly, which is considered a bad omen. Bappa gets angry by doing this.

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If you are doing immersion at home, then keep in mind that take utensils according to the idol. And put so much water in it that the idol gets completely immersed. Now pour this water into a pot or holy tree. Keep in mind that no one should step on it.

Prohibited in Ganesh immersion

  • Ganesh ji has been considered a symbol of auspiciousness. In the scriptures, black-colored clothes are considered inauspicious during worship, so do not use black color during immersion.
  • We should not play obscene songs on DJ during immersion.
  • Going into immersion after drinking alcohol, dancing is a sin.
  • We should not wear semi-naked clothes in immersion. We should immerse Ganesh in Indian clothes only.
  • One should not go for Ganesh Visarjan with the wrong intention. It is an integral part of our culture. Some people also come here to tease or kidnap a girl. It is a great sin to do so. Immerse Lord Ganesha with your pure mind
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