Glaciers melting: 8 countries including India and China demand concrete steps

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Glaciers melting, the world should take immediate action. 8 countries including India and China together demanded concrete steps. Eight countries in the Hindukush-Himalaya called for urgent climate action to save glaciers.

He said that if there is delay. So this is sure to cause damage to mountain glaciers around the world. In the last decade, the rate of melting of mountain glaciers has increased manifold all over the world.

Environmental experts and policymakers have called for urgent acceleration of climate action to save glaciers, warning of the devastating global impact of widespread loss of icebergs this year.

The summit, organized by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Nepal’s Ministry of Forests and Environment, was attended by ministers, diplomats, senior policy makers.

And experts from eight countries of the ‘Hindukush Himalayan region’. Who warned the world that the Glaciers melting at such a fast rate which is very dangerous for the world.

Glaciers melting: how many countries warned the world

The Hindukush-Himalaya (HKH) region comprises eight countries. Which include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan.

James Kirkham, chief scientific advisor to the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative, said.

If urgent action is not taken, the loss of mountain glaciers around the world is certain.

As per the press release issued by ICIMOD as follows.

We must act now to prevent the Earth from progressing to a point beyond which it cannot sustain life. Two billion people depend on the water in these mountains for their food and water security

said Pema Gyamtsho, Director General of ICIMOD.

The world should be concerned about the consequences of this, and the catastrophic loss of ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctic.

James Kirkham said

Glaciers melting: how many cities of the world are at risk?

Glaciers melting threatens to submerge many areas by 2050, including large parts of Dhaka, Karachi, Shanghai and Mumbai. This would destabilize the climate system that has kept Earth habitable for millennia, Kirkham said.

And if the current increase in emissions continues it will result in submergence of large parts of Dhaka, Mumbai, Karachi and Shanghai.

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He said sea level rise by 2050 would result in 18 million refugees in Bangladesh alone. Scientists stressed the urgent need to study the snowy places of the Hindukush Himalayan region.

Due to its melting, there is a danger of major disasters including landslides. The world should take concrete steps towards Glaciers melting.

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