Hindu family system: Maintain uniqueness of Hindu families

Hindu family system
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Hindu family system: Indian society has been living peacefully for thousands of years. The Hindu family system, long standing on strong foundations, has faced many foreign attacks.

Hindus saved their families from these attackers and did not allow the Hindu family system to deteriorate.

But in just 700 years of social life in materialistic western countries, the Hindu family system is crumbling.

Let us know through this article that let us maintain the uniqueness of Hindu families. Protect it from corrosion.

Causes of degradation of Hindu family system

Well, there are many reasons for the degradation of the Hindu family system. But mostly it was not due to foreign invasion. Just as there is a competition to copy western culture.

Let us know some special reasons for the degradation of Hindu family system.

Marital failure

The main reason for family disintegration in the Hindu family system nowadays is the failure of marital life.

As you know, our grandparents did not meet each other until they got married. All the family members used to organize their marriage together.

But nowadays this tradition has ended. Now is the era of ‘live in relationship’. Which is part of western civilization. Those people are children without parents.

Who are taught only to indulge in pleasures in the boarding school in the name of their own preferences. There is no sacred relationship in marriage in their culture. They consider woman only as a means of enjoyment.

This situation is now flourishing in Indian society due to copying. Due to which the children are getting away from their parents. He is abandoning his responsibilities towards his family.

Indian children are living with each other for 5-6 months in the name of live-in relationship. As soon as the mind is filled with physical relations with each other.

Then either one leaves the other and starts searching for another pair. Or becomes a victim of mental stress.

Problems like marital failure, parentless children are troubling the Indian society. The Hindu family system is being eroded. Due to which the national family system is also being damaged to some extent.

Increase in the number of divorces in Hindu family system

Hindu family system
This photo has been used representatively. In this, Raja Kumar, Hari ji and Sunil ji are respectively. Photo Credit: Sandeep Kumar

Have you ever heard that our maternal grandparents got divorced? Or their father, maternal uncle, maternal grandfather, grandfather or any relative of their mother, aunt, grandmother or grandmother has been divorced.

I am sure you have never seen or heard anything like this. This did not happen even with my father, mother, aunt and uncle who were one generation older than us.

But nowadays, due to imitation of big rich people, Bollywood actresses, actors, businessmen etc., the number of divorces in Hindu family system is increasing.

The increase in divorce has only started 20 to 30 years ago. That means the evil practice of divorce had no place in the Hindu family system.

Let me tell you one thing. What is divorce called in Hindi? Hindu, there is no word for divorce in any Indian language. So how can this be our culture?

Divorce and talaq are English and Urdu words respectively.

That is, the customs and traditions in the society. These are the words of the same society. But due to imitation of Bollywood actors and actresses, the system of foreign tradition is destroying our Hindu family system.

Nowadays divorce happens over every small thing. Boys and girls are wasting their lives in counter arguments with each other.

They should understand that rich people and actors have no shortage of money. They give 2, 4 divorces and pay the money. But due to his imitation, middle class families are getting ruined.

Lack of relatives in Hindu family system

You know that earlier the marriage ceremony used to take place at home. He used to have 10-20 relatives come.

These relatives included Papa’s sister and her husband, Papa’s maternal uncle and aunt, all Papa’s brothers and their wives and children

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Then mom’s sister and her husband and children, mom’s mother, mom’s brother and his children. And close relatives i.e. these people used to meet each other in happiness and sorrow.

Nowadays these relationships are decreasing. Now weddings have started taking place in expensive resorts away from the city. Each relative will stay in a separate room.

Due to which the desire to meet relatives after coming from far away places disappears. Due to which the Hindu family system is coming to an end.

Because of wealth and money, harmony and mutual affection has ended. The arrogance of nobility is also reflected in their behaviour.

So to speak, they have come for a relative’s wedding. But ego does not leave him even here. They spend most of their time in their rooms instead of meeting close ones.

The very affluent class has shouldered the responsibility of polluting our culture. Due to which the Hindu family system is getting corrupted.

The glitter of money and physical appearance is causing rift among relatives. Now no one has time to participate in each other’s happiness and sorrow.

Imitation of foreign culture in Hindu family system

The invasion of foreign multinational corporations is affecting not only the economic sector but also the cultural sector. Many changes are taking place in the lifestyle from rich families to poor families.

Generally new practices in any country are adopted by the rich. Other people see them and follow them.

Similarly, wealthy people who studied in our country and abroad before independence. And those who had studied well in their country and abroad.

They followed the Westerners in their manners and educational matters. And since common people are also following the rich people of our country.

Therefore, due to the influence of the West, the Hindu family system is being destroyed.

Since everyone is so immersed in the world of material happiness and money that they are moving away from their relatives and family.

New couples are moving away from their parents from the next day of marriage. Which is this western civilization.

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In the name of physical relations and freedom, people no longer live in joint families. You tell me, how many days can someone maintain physical relations continuously? Then what kind of freedom is this that after two days there is a situation of divorce.

Being away from the Hindu family system leads to loneliness, despair, and isolation. Due to which the Hindu family system has been damaged.

Proud Significance of Hindu family system

In the kaleidoscope of cultural diversity that civilizes the world, the Hindu family system stands as an intricately woven fabric.

Which is rich in tradition, prestige, discipline, values and inherent sense of interconnectedness.

As we embark on a journey through time and tradition. We try to understand the deeper significance hidden in the layers of Hindu family system.

Today the entire human race in the world wants to adopt the Hindu family system. And it is also being adopted rapidly. The reasons are its tradition and art of living.

You know that the importance of the Hindu family system goes beyond mere sociological constructs. It is a living testament to the resilience and adaptability of a culture deeply rooted in tradition.

As each thread contributes to the vibrant and intricate pattern of the whole. The Hindu family system is not just a unit.

It is a microcosm of tradition, a sanctuary of values and a testament to the enduring sense of family bonds. Let us now know the proud importance of Hindu family system.

1. Pillars of Tradition: Unity in Diversity

You must have found that, at the core of the Hindu family system in India lies the deep ethos of unity in diversity.

Where on the other hand the western nuclear family model is established. In contrast, the Hindu family system in India includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins as a cohesive unit, beyond the immediate family members.

Which is called joint family in Hindu family system. Which are now often seen in rural environments.

This complex intergenerational structure fosters a sense of belonging, shared responsibility, discipline, affection with nature, and collective identity.

2. Support system in times of turmoil

In the rhythm of living life, Hindu family system provides happiness. It emerges as a strong support system not only in times of happiness but also in times of despair.

It is said that joint family structure provides a safety net. Where the burdens of life are shared. Victory and celebration are celebrated collectively.

There is no bankruptcy in Hindu family system. Where all the members of the joint family work together. In business one does not have to face deception from others.

Even if one member of a joint family meets with an unexpected accident, it does not go bankrupt. Because all the family members live together.

This not only lightens the burden on individuals. Rather, flexibility also increases. Because challenges are faced with the strength of a united front.

Therefore, the best and special importance of the Hindu family system is to stay with the family in times of turmoil.

3. Cultural continuity: sticking to tradition

One of the most important features of the Hindu family system is the preservation of its invaluable cultural traditions.

The family plays a role in preserving and carrying forward these invaluable cultural traditions. In the Hindu family system, from age-old customs to the celebration of festivals, each family becomes a microcosm of cultural continuity.

As guides of tradition, elders not only impart wisdom. But also provide richness of customs and rituals. This ensures that each generation becomes the guardian of its cultural heritage.

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It is because of the bond of these invaluable cultural traditions that elders in joint families do not leave their parents in old age homes.

You must have seen that according to western civilization, in a nuclear family, the son leaves his parents in an old age home, railway station or fair and runs away.

This is the erosion of cultural traditions. Due to which people living a corporate life leave their old parents. But this method will not be found far in the Hindu family system.

4. Nurturing morals and values

There is an unwavering commitment to the nurturing of morals and values embedded within the Hindu family system.

Children grow up not only with the love of their immediate family but also under the supervision of extended family.

In reality, morals and values are nurtured in children only by their family members. Most mothers teach their child about the knowledge of morals and values.

These morals and values are not obtained from any book or school in the Sikh world. Knowledge of morals and values resides in the school syllabus itself.

But children study only to increase marks in the marksheet. Not to increase knowledge of morality and values.

Morality and values are taught in the Hindu family system only. It awakens the sense of community parenting responsibility of the joint family.

Develops respect for family elders and understanding of one’s role within the larger social structure.

The resources of nature and the learning of kinship with people of any ethnic group in the world are included in the Hindu family system.

5. Adaptability in modern times

In the modern world when tradition forms the basis. Then the Hindu family system is not untouched by change. It has shown remarkable adaptability in the face of modernization.

Today, families may be scattered across continents. Yet technology bridges the gap. Due to which the essence of family bonds remains intact.

Hindu family system moves forward adopting modernity. On the other hand, people do not adopt modern development like TV, phone, dance, music because of their religion.

But this kind of modern development is not found in the Hindu family system of India.

Preservation of Hindu family system

Let us know the history of preservation of Hindu family system. Even during the millions of years old Ramayana period, Lord Rama took full care that the culture of other countries should not influence the people of his own country.

In the Ramayana of Treta Yuga, people from many countries came to see the coronation of Lord Shri Ram. Those guests did not think about a return trip for several months.

He got to see Indian culture in Ayodhya. Which made him feel completely different. This Hindu family system seemed good to the foreign guest. Rama then instructs Lakshmana to send off the guests with proper behavior.

Lakshman was surprised to hear this. Lakshman asked Lord Ram to let the guest stay as long as he wanted. Then Shri Ram smiled and replied

“Listen my dear brother! They belong to different countries and races. Their culture, language, lifestyle and clothing are different. This will not have a good impact on the people of Ayodhya. Our culture will be corrupted. Therefore, now they should be sent to their respective countries.”

1. Protect yourself from foreign customs

Today, foreign goods are reaching every family in India. Foreign customs and clothing are all around us. Not just working housewives.

Rather, women from many families who are not working. She is not able to happily fulfill the responsibility of cooking and feeding her mother.

Despite mother being at home, children and husband are eating food from outside. This habit is harming the health of the family members.

Apart from this, consumption of food items sold by foreign companies with attractive packaging is also increasing in many families.

Such results are not desirable at all. These not only spoil our physical health but also the health of the family.

Due to this the foundation of Hindu family system is crumbling. We must be careful not to adopt as much as possible of Western civilization in our families, in our customs, in our habits, in our manners, in our manners.

2. Provide knowledge of Ramayana and Hindu mythology since childhood

Teach your children the knowledge of Ramayana and Hindu mythology and Bhagwat Geeta right from childhood. Make them aware and fond of Indian culture.

It is this knowledge and understanding that will keep them from stumbling in old age. Thus we must protect the uniqueness of our families and the Hindu family system.

3. Give knowledge of Indian language along with foreign language

Indian language contains values, knowledge and morals. You might be wondering what happens with a foreign language. So I am telling you that language does not come alone. Language also brings foreign culture with itself.

For example, in any Indian language, in the morning remembrance, one greets one’s elder by touching his feet. But we only say good morning in English. This leads to loss of values.

Therefore, language also causes disintegration of the family. Keep foreign language limited to work and office only. Don’t take him away from your life. Use your own language only with your family members.


We must keep our children away from the toxic propaganda that promotes western cultural trends on TV and social media. They should be told about the ill effects caused by them.

They should understand the situation and educate them so that they can distance themselves from western trends.

It is likely to have a greater impact especially on students studying in colleges and universities. Adequate awareness should be provided to such people so that they can take right decisions on their own.

Thus we must protect the uniqueness of our families and the Hindu family system.

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Inspired by: vskandhra.org

Fractured photo credit: Yashvant kumar


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