Is Health Benefits of Barley for Human, Know Main 6 details

Health Benefits of Barley
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Health Benefits of Barley: Barley has been used for many purposes since ancient times. Barley was also included in the diet of sages and saints. Let’s know about health benefits of barley in this article.

From this you can understand how nutritious a food barley is. Barley is a food belonging to the wheat family, which is ground into flour and used for consumption.

Therefore, in Ayurveda, barley is used as a medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Health benefits of barley is used to get relief from many diseases like stomach ache, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, diarrhea, cold, cough etc. Let us know about barley in main 6 details.

Types of barley

Barley seeds are available in different forms in the market, which can be purchased as per your choice. which is like this

Flakes: This is a common type of barley, made by flattening barley seeds. It is used in already cooked food. It can be eaten in both hot or cold form. It can be eaten instead of oats flakes.

Barley flour: This is ground barley, which is used as flour. It can be used to make rotis, just like wheat roti is made. Apart from this, bread is also made from barley flour.

Grits: This is coarse barley flour. To make it, the upper layer of barley seeds is removed.

Hulled: This is a wholesome type of barley that is simply hulled and lightly hulled. It can also be called the whole form of barley.

Pearl Barley: It is called the most beautiful form of barley. It looks like a shining pearl. Its seeds are uniform and white in colour. It is mainly used in soups and salads.

Nutritional value of barley

The nutritional value of barley is as follows:

Carbohydrate (%)57.9 ± 5.1
Dietary fiber29.5 ± 15.5
Protein (%)27.3 ± 4.3
Fat (%)4.57 ± 1.31
Vitamin A (mg/100g)20.5 ± 4.7
Vitamin B1(mg/100g)0.61 ± 0.40
Vitamin B2(mg/100g)1.56 ± 0.65
Vitamin B3(mg/100g)7.18 ± 7.39
Vitamin B6(mg/100g)1.12 ± 0.97
Vitamin B12(mg/100g)1.16 ± 0.26
Vitamin C (mg/100g)251.6 ± 239.1
Vitamin E (mg/100g)15.0 ± 14.1
Sodium (mg/100g)328.2 ± 288.4
Calcium (mg/100g)479.4 ± 172.5
Phosphorus (mg/100g)380.4 ± 60.7
Chromium (mg/100g)0.14 ± 0.06
Copper (mg/100g)1.66 ± 1.25
Sulfur (mg/100g)305.5 ± 6.4
Iron (mg/100g)23.3 ± 10.1
Magnesium (mg/100g)183.2 ± 46.0
Manganese (mg/100g)3.94 ± 1.56
Molybdenum (mg/100g)0.048 ± 0.006
Potassium (mg/100g)3384 ± 649
Zinc (mg/100g)3.43 ± 1.36

Features Barley: Health benefits of barley

The wonderful properties present in the health benefits of barley plant are mentioned below.

  • It is anti-anemic.
  • It is anti-rheumatic.
  • It cures diarrhea.
  • It reduces depression.
  • It reduces swelling.
  • It is an antidiabetic agent.
  • It has anti-hypertensive (reducing blood pressure) properties.
  • It boosts immunity
  • It has hepatoprotective (liver protecting) properties.
  • It cures acne.
  • It has anticancer action.
  • It is an antioxidant.
  • It has hypolipidemic (lipid-lowering) properties.
  • It is an anti-gout (a type of arthritis that causes joint pain) agent.
  • It has anti-hyperuricemia (increased uric acid levels in the blood) properties.
  • It works as an anti-fatigue agent.

How to use barley?

1. Barley is used as a fermentable ingredient in the wine industry due to its natural sweetness properties. Barley beer is considered to be one of the first alcoholic beverages created by humans.

2. Barley, known for its low-fat ingredients, has become a staple ingredient in various food recipes such as breads, soups, bakery flour, mixes and stews.

3. A common and traditional use of barley grain is to prepare malt.

4. This barley leaves powder is quite effective on various health problems.

Health Benefits of Barley

Provides relief from cold and cough

Barley has been considered an excellent option to get relief from cold and cough. Its medicinal properties provide relief from the problem of common cold and cough.

This has also been mentioned in a research related to barley, in which barley extract has been described as a traditional medicine to get relief from cold and cough.

On this basis, it can be believed that by using barley one can get relief from common cold and cough to some extent. However, further research is still needed to determine which properties of barley are responsible for these health benefits of barley.


Barley is a beneficial grain for people suffering from diabetes. According to some scientists, drinking barley water helps in producing insulin. Therefore, diabetic patients should include barley in their diet. Magnesium and Soluble fiber may protect against diabetes.

Helpful in type-2 diabetes

Barley flour is also health benefits of barley in getting relief from the problem of type-2 diabetes. In fact, research has shown that the antidiabetic (blood sugar reducing) effect of barley is due to the presence of folic acid and beta- glucan. This effect of barley can provide relief in the problem of type-2 diabetes.

For gallstones

The benefits of barley flour roti are also helpful in gall bladder stones. In this regard, there is also a mention in a research related to barley.

Research has shown that the fiber present in barley works to dissolve gallstones to some extent.

On this basis, it can be believed that consumption of barley can prove beneficial for people suffering from gall bladder stones.

For asthma

Asthma is a medical condition in which inflammation and excess mucus accumulate in a person’s airways, causing difficulty breathing. Barley helps in getting relief from asthma.

According to a scientific report, the problem of asthma in newborns can be reduced with the help of barley. However, more research is still needed on how it works.

Useful for skin

Use of barley is also beneficial for the skin. Fermented barley extract is beneficial in skin wounds.

Apart from this, the use of barley can help in providing relief from atopic dermatitis i.e. eczema (red rash on the skin due to inflammation).

On this basis, it can be believed that the benefits of barley can be beneficial for the skin also. For this, along with eating barley flour, its extract can also be used to apply on the skin.

Maintain hair health

Use of barley is also helpful in maintaining the health benefits of barley for hair. This has been considered in an experiment conducted on barley related to hair growth.

In the experiment conducted, it was found that a special element named Procyanidin B-3 present in barley has the property of promoting hair growth.

On this basis, it can be believed that along with eating barley flour, applying its water to the hair can help in maintaining the health of the hair.

Keep liver healthy

Consumption of barley is also beneficial in maintaining liver health. Actually, in a research related to the benefits of eating barley, it has been believed that barley has the property of hepatoprotection (protecting the liver).

Elements like beta- glucan, phenolics and pentosan present in barley play an important role in this quality. On this basis, it can be believed that consuming barley can prove helpful in maintaining liver health.

Disadvantages of barley

Health benefits of barley but using it in excessive quantity can also cause some disadvantages. This loss is as follows.Let’s know about health benefits of barley in this article.

1. Barley contains high amount of potassium and eating it in excessive quantity can cause problems like stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing etc.

2. Fiber reduces belly fat but excessive amount of fiber causes bloating. Therefore, it should be consumed in appropriate quantity.

3. Calcium is necessary for bones. Calcium food should be consumed. But consuming it in excess can cause stomach gas or constipation.

4. Do not consume barley in excessive amounts, otherwise your obesity will increase further.

5. Barley contains good amount of iron which is beneficial for the body. But excess iron is harmful for the body. Due to this, you may face problems like fatigue, weakness, joint pain, hair fall etc.

6. Barley is a commonly used food item during pregnancy. But sprouts prepared from barley are not considered good during pregnancy. Apart from this, it should not be consumed in high quantities.

7. Consuming barley may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to other grains including rye, wheat, oats, corn and rice.

8. People suffering from Celiac Disease should avoid consuming barley. Because consumption of barley can cause problems for you.

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Know about health benefits of barley in this article. Irregular consumption of barley also causes harm. Therefore, you can consume it with the help of your doctor or consultant. This article has been written on information available on public platforms. Hence do not share any kind of responsibility.


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