Israel Fights Back: Live Update On Residents of Gaza City

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Israel Fights Back: As we know that Israel is fighting against terrorism with all its might. Hamas terrorists have carried out a planned attack on unarmed people in Israel.

Hamas terrorists had selectively targeted Israel’s newborn babies, elderly people and women.

They have also killed and taken hostage many international citizens. So far, more than 1400 Israeli citizens have died. More than 100 civilians are held hostage.

Seeing all this, Israel is also Israel Fights Back. Israel is fighting these terrorists for the safety of its citizens. Let us know the live updates of this crusade. According to the IDF, the updates so far are as follows.

Israel Fights Back: Live Update

The IDF has shared information on its official Twitter about the retaliation by Israel. He has issued information to the people of Gaza.

IDF said on Twitter/X….

Residents of Gaza City and northern Gaza, in the past days, we’ve urged you to relocate to the southern area for your safety.

We want to inform you that the IDF will not carry out any operations along this route from 10 AM to 1 PM. During this window, please take the opportunity to move southward from northern Gaza.

Your safety and that of your families matters. Please follow our instructions and head southward. Be assured, Hamas leaders have already ensured their safety and that of their families.

Israel Fights Back: War Update

LIVE UPDATE with Jonathan Conricus: Hamas is blocking the evacuation of civilians.

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