Jihadis pelt stones at Ram Baraat in Aligarh, two injured

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Jihadis pelted stones at Ram Baraat in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The mob attacked the devotees with axes and sticks. In which two people have been injured.

A case of stone pelting by Muslims on the Ram Baraat in Aligarh taken out by Hindus has come to light in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The atmosphere in Aligarh has heated up after this incident.

Organizers of the Ram Baraat in Aligarh have alleged that stones were pelted in a planned manner at the devotees participating in the Ram Baraat in Aligarh.

While passing near a worship place in Chandaus town. People were attacked with axes and sticks.

What happened Ram Baraat in Aligarh

Many people got injured in this. After the incident, Hindu organizations along with angry devotees created a ruckus demanding action.

After persuasion, the officers got the Ram Baraat in Aligarh taken out under tight security.

The attack took place during the traditional Ram Baraat in Aligarh in Chandaus town. When the stone pelting took place, the Ram Baraat was passing through Kaseru Adda.

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Officials of Ramlila Committee told the police that a crowd of more than 100 Jihadis who had already gathered near the place of worship suddenly attacked the Ram Baraat in Aligarh.

The attackers had axes, rods and sticks in their hands. Sunil Bent, Vinod Kumar and some others were injured in the sudden attack.

People angry over attack on Ram Baraat in Aligarh

People became angry due to the attack on Ram Baraat in Aligarh. Ramlila Committee and people involved in the procession started protesting at the police station demanding action.

On information, DIG Shalabh Mathur, DM Indra Vikram Singh, SSP Kalanidhi Naithani reached the spot and pacified the protesters by assuring them of action.

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Police-PAC somehow removed the protesters and made the Ram Baraat pass under tight security. Due to the incident, Ramlila could not be staged last night.

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