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Kakatiya Foundation Warangal honors couples who intercaste marriages

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An honor program was held on Thursday under the auspices of the Kakatiya Foundation Warangal for the ideal couples who had intercaste marriages.

In this program Acharya K.Vijaya Babu Garu, Dean (R) of Kakatiya University who presided over this program says. That the ambition of social reformers is to protect the great values of life provided by our forefathers and get rid of the evils that came in the middle ages.

Swami Dayananda, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule in the West, Raja Rama Mohana Roy in the East, Kandukuri in Andhra, Bhagya Reddy Varma in Telangana were the pioneers of this social reform movement.

Kakatiya Foundation Warangal: Chief Guest National Coordinator of Samajik Samanta

National Convenor of Samajik Samanta Shyam Prasad was the chief guest of the felicitation program for the ideal couple who married inter-caste under the auspices of Kakatiya Foundation Warangal on Thursday.

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He said that everyone should stand with the couples doing inter-caste marriages. Everyone should support them.

Marriage creates a bond and relationship between two families

He said that marriage is not a limited arrangement between just two people. It is an arrangement that creates a bond and relationship between two families.

It has been suggested that “our marriage is our choice” is not enough. Parents should be told that they like it. And their feelings should be forgiven.

She said that they would make an ideal couple only if they lived together as housewives. Do not do inter-caste marriage, fulfill social responsibilities and educate your children.

Caste system prevents intercaste marriage

In the program of Kakatiya Foundation Warangal, he said that till the Mahabharata period, there was varna system and the basis of varna system was not on birth but on merit.

It is said that the marriage of Vashishtha and Arundhati was an inter-caste marriage. And they are a perfect couple. He said that today’s caste system, violence in the name of castes and untouchability is not right.

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This is our view, all Hindu sisters and brothers. They want a compass for trading. It was made clear that even parents do not have the right to hit, beat and threaten their children because of intercaste marriage.

Do not move towards divorce

He said that whether it is an arranged marriage by elders or an inter-caste marriage. Small problems arise between wives and husbands. Due to which divorces are increasing.

And the current trend of parenting that encourages divorce without accommodating both. This is dangerous for the society. He suggests that inter-caste married couples should be prepared to face more problems.

Acharya Girija Manohar Babu of Kakatiya University spoke as the keynote speaker and cited aspects of several sciences to explain why we should preserve the marriage system and our ancient life values.

Interracial couples share their experiences. Later he honored the ideal couple. RSS Warangal Vibhag Sanghchalak Dr. Chilkamari Sanjeev and others participated in this program.

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