Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri: Note down Vidhi, Muhurt and Samagri

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Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri: Today is Karva Chauth. On this day, all married women observe the fast of Karva Chauth for the long life of their husbands. To make the worship of Karwa Chauth successful, note down the Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri and the right muhurt.

The relationship between husband and wife is considered the most sacred in this world. The more love and trust there is in it, the more it flourishes. And the festival that further strengthens this bond of faith is the fast of Karwa Chauth.

This is the fast which every married woman observes. With the belief of long life of husband, good health and making their relationship unbreakable, all the married women of India observe this fast with great devotion and faith.

And if the Karwa Chauth puja (Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri) is completed in a proper manner. So the blessings of Karva Maa always remain. So let us tell you here the complete list of Karwa Chauth rituals and puja materials (Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri). What is important for you to know.

Karwa Chauth 2023: Date And Puja Time (muhurt)

This year, Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month is on 1 November 2023, Wednesday. On this day, the festival of Karva Chauth will be celebrated in different parts of the country. Let us know about the auspicious muhurt of Karva Chauth.

  • Karva Chauth fasting time- Today is from 6:33 am to 9:15 pm.
  • Amrit Kaal Muhurta- Today evening is from 7:34 pm to 9:13 pm.
  • Auspicious muhurt for Karva Chauth Puja- Today is from 5:36 pm to 6:54 pm.

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know Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri

If Karva Chauth is worshiped properly then special blessings of Maa Karva, Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva are showered. Let us now know about Karwa Chauth Vidhi Samagri.

How to do Karwa Chauth puja

According to Karwa Chauth Vidhi…..

  • First of all, by paying obeisance to all the Gods and Goddesses, take a pledge to make the fast successful.
  • On this day, after waking up in the morning and taking bath, first of all consume Sargi in Brahmamuhurta.
  • Make arrangements for all the puja materials. Ask your mother-in-law for all the puja material, sugar karwa, clay karwa, jewellery, saree, all makeup items etc.
  • Evening puja has special significance in this. In such a situation, as soon as it is evening, make a plank of ocher at the place of worship.
  • After that make a picture of Karva Maa using rice flour. And install Maa Karva at the post.
  • After that Lord Ganesha is sitting in the lap of Mother Parvati along with Lord Shiva. Place a picture with such shape at that place.
  • Fill an earthen vessel with water and keep it at the place of worship.
  • Now you should decorate Goddess Parvati properly. Now offer them their favorite food.
  • Listen carefully to the fast story of Karva Chauth by taking the name of Lord Shiva.
  • After this, offer Arghya to the moon.
  • Now look at the moon through the sieve and then look at your husband’s face.
  • After that the husband gives water to his wife. With which the fast is broken.
  • After the puja is over, take blessings of all the elders in the house by touching their feet.

Karwa Chauth puja Samagri

Now let us know about the ingredients of Karva Chauth. For this fast, sink, soft betel leaf, betel nut, Kalash, fruits and flowers, turmeric, kumkum, wooden seat, milk, curd, honey, brown sugar, roli, doob grass, molly, sweets, sieve, water, Deepak, photo of Karva Mata and a copper or brass Lota (pot) for worship.

Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha

Let us now know the story of Karva Chauth.

Goddess Karva lived with her husband near the Tungabhadra river. One day when Karva’s husband went to take bath in the river, a crocodile caught hold of his leg and started pulling him into the river.

Seeing that death was near, Karva’s husband started calling Karva. Karwa ran to the river and saw the crocodile taking her husband to his death.

Karva immediately took a raw thread and tied the crocodile to a tree. Due to Karva’s chastity, dedication and true faith, the crocodile was tied in such a way that it was unable to move away. The lives of both Karva’s husband and the crocodile were in danger.

Karva called out to Yamraj and asked him to give life to her husband and to give death penalty to the crocodile.

Yamraj said, I cannot do this because the crocodile still has a lifetime left. And your husband has come of age.

Angered, Karva said to Yamraj, if you do not do this, I will curse you. Frightened by the curse of Sati, Yamraj immediately sent the crocodile to Yamalok and gave life to Karva’s husband.

Learning and blessings from Karva Chauth Katha

During the fast of Karva Chauth, married women pray to Karva Mata. That O Karva Mata, just as you brought back your husband from the jaws of death, protect my husband also.

Like Karva Mata, Savitri had also wrapped her husband with raw thread under the banyan tree. The love and trust wrapped in raw thread was such that Yamraj could not take the life of Savitri’s husband with him.

Savitri’s husband’s life had to be returned to Yamraj. Savitri had to give a boon that their marriage would last forever. And both will remain together for a long time.

Don’t do this on Karva Chauth

Do not consume food or water during the entire fast. Keep the fast by eating sargi before sunrise. And give up food and water the whole day.

Do not donate wedding material on the day of fasting. Or do not give your makeup materials to anyone for use.

Did not sleep during the entire fast. Sleeping during the fast will not yield the results of the fast.

Avoid wearing black clothes. Karva Chauth is a symbol of married life. Avoid wearing black colored clothes on this Tuesday.

Don’t forget to give puja and suhaag material to your mother-in-law. By doing this you get good wishes and positivity.

Do not complete the Karva Chauth fast without listening to the fast story during the puja.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on a provided story. The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. mintbord.com does not confirm this. Therefore, you should worship after taking advice from a person knowledgeable in this field, Pandit etc.

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