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Glory of Gayatri- In the early twentieth century, the Dathiyur Shastris was traveling by train with their family when the train reached Mayavaram station in the evening.

Shastris also got down from the train to do Santhyavandanam and after doing sthalasuddhi and holding Vibhuti started the ritual and started chanting Gayatri Japam. Sastris absorbed in Japa forgot the situation!

When it was time for the train to depart, the Anglo-Indian driver was ready to start the train after the guard showed the green flag. He also blew the whistle.

By this time it’s time for the train to finish your husband’s japa quickly and get on the train! Otherwise, she would not be able to get on the train, so she would not stop Japa in the middle of the train to worry the other passengers, saying that the Shastris said that she also got down with the luggage and stood next to her husband who was doing Japa!

In the meantime, the driver started to discuss with the SM / guard that there was some technical snag to make sure that the stopped train would not leave despite repeated efforts.

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In the meantime, seeing the wife of the Sastris standing with a box near her, the eyes of the Sastris, whose Avarti has been fulfilled, why did you come down? Hearing that, let’s climb! After getting back on the train with Mami, the train refused to leave after a few minutes. The train sped off to try the driver once again!

Shastris did not stop Japa!

Gayatri makes Mahima get the train running again If we were at the same place, we would leave Gayatri and catch the train, screaming that the train has left. But if Mahan leaves the train and catches Gayatri. Then, Gayatri saved him from this. His lesson to us. Whatever you leave, don’t leave Gayatri. Gayatri will not leave you no matter who leaves you

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