Lashkar-e-Taiba co-founder Hafiz Saeed son missing for several days

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Hafiz Saeed son has been missing for several days. The leader of Lashkar is crying. Even Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is not able to find out. Terrorist Hafiz Saeed son has been missing for a few days. The Lashkar leader is crying desperately to get news of his safety. Even ISI is not able to trace his disappearance.

Hafiz Saeed, the terrorist who carried out the conspiracy of 26/11 terrorist attack in India, is in bad condition. Hafiz Saeed son Kamaluddin Saeed has been missing since September 26.

He is now desperate to get news about his son’s safety. If reports are to be believed, Kamaluddin has been kidnapped by some miscreants in a car. Many media reports are claiming that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is also involved in finding Hafiz Saeed son. But no trace of him can be found.

Concern over safety of Hafiz Saeed son

On Friday 29 September, social media platforms were filled with posts claiming that Kamaluddin’s body had been found in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Many users and media portals took the help of X (earlier Twitter) to post things related to the death of Kamaluddin Saeed. Hafiz Saeed is very upset after hearing such things. He is worried about her son’s safety.

On September 26, there was news of the sudden disappearance of Hafiz Saeed’s son Kamaluddin Saeed. It was alleged that the son of an Islamic terrorist was kidnapped by unknown persons in Peshawar, Pakistan.

This has been confirmed by Pakistani local media house The Express Tribune. That the miscreants who came in cars in Peshawar had kidnapped Kamaluddin Saeed.

If reports are to be believed, many journalists in Pakistan have claimed that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has not been able to trace Kamaluddin Saeed.

Hafiz Saeed was sentenced to 31 years in jail

Last year, an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan had sentenced terrorist Hafiz Saeed to 31 years in prison. According to reports, the Pakistani government was also ordered to confiscate all of Saeed’s properties.

Hafiz Saeed is the founder of the banned Islamic terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba and has masterminded several terrorist attacks against India. Including the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. However, the reason behind Saeed’s sentencing was said to be pressure from FATF. Where Pakistan is still in the gray list.

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