Loudspeakers removing mosques: MP New CM had given order

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Loudspeakers removing mosques: The new Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Mohan Yadav had ordered to curb the loud sound of loudspeakers in the state. Immediately after the order, it has started being implemented across the state.

Where the sound was loud, it was kept within the prescribed limit. At the same time, the process of many loudspeakers removing mosquess and temples is going on.

Loudspeakers removing mosques: Will get many types of health benefits

In the new instructions and order given by the new CM of Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Mohan Yadav on Wednesday, it is clearly stated that…..

‘It has come to notice that loudspeakers are being used in various religious places in violation of the prescribed decibel.

Noise interferes with human ability to work, rest and sleep. Effects of noisy environment like high blood pressure, restlessness, mental stress, insomnia are found in the body.

Evidence has been found of damage to the inner ear due to excessive noise exposure. Comprehensive guidelines on the use of loudspeakers and horns even in private residences have been issued by the Supreme Court in the judgment referred to above.

Therefore, from now onwards, loudspeakers will be used everywhere in the state as per the guidelines set by the court, government action will be taken against those who do not do so.

Loudspeakers removing mosques in gwalior

People of Sirsaud village of Gwalior were seen loudspeakers removing mosques themselves.

When SDOP Santosh Patel explained to the people here in this regard, the people here themselves loudspeakers removing mosques near the school.

Similarly, the administration explained to remove loudspeakers at other places also. If people do not agree then the administration will take strict action.

What is the decision of the SC for loudspeakers?

The Supreme Court, in its judgment given on 18 July 2005, said…

‘Every person has the right to live in peace and this right is part of the fundamental right to life.

Expressing one’s views through loudspeaker or in a loud voice comes under the right to freedom of expression. But freedom of expression cannot be above the right to life.

Noise makers often take refuge in the right to freedom of expression guaranteed under Article 19(1)A. But no person can claim this right by turning on the loudspeaker.

In this decision of the court it was further said….

‘Forcing others to listen to noise from loudspeakers is a violation of the fundamental right guaranteed under Article 21 to live a pollution-free life in peace and comfort.

The right given in Article 19(1)A is not meant to discourage other fundamental rights. Therefore, the sound of a loudspeaker installed in a public place will not be more than 10 decibels (A) or more than 75 decibels (A) above the noise standards prescribed for that area.

Whichever is less will be considered applicable. The state should make provisions regarding confiscation of loudspeakers and equipment wherever the prescribed standards are violated.

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