Massive fire in Chile forests: 46 people died, 1100 plus houses burnt

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Massive fire in Chile forests: There is chaos in the cities of Chile in the South American continent. Temperatures have increased abnormally in Chilean cities.

Due to which problems have increased among the people there. This incident has increased due to massive fire in Chile forests.

It is sad that 46 people died in the massive fire in Chile forests. More than 1100 houses were burnt to ashes there.

Massive fire in Chile forests: President Gabriel Boric Font expressed condolences

There is a massive fire in Chile forests of the South American country. There is a dense population of people settled around the forest. Many houses have been affected by this. It is sad that so far 46 people have burnt to death in this incident.

Not only this, more than 1100 houses were burnt to ashes. Chilean President Gabriel Boric Font has expressed apprehension while confirming the dead.

That the death toll could be higher. He has expressed grief towards the people. And trying to provide every possible help.

Cause of Massive fire in Chile forests

Chile’s minister of the interior and public security ‘Carolina Toha‘ had said in a statement regarding this fire incident on Saturday. That a total of 92 incidents of forest fire have occurred in the center and south of the country.

According to the minister of the interior and public security, the number is unusually high in these areas. Due to which the fire has taken a terrible form of Chile forests fire.

In which area in Chile forests did the worst fire occur?

According to the report, the most horrific incident of forest fire has occurred in the Valparaiso region of massive fire in Chile forests. Here the officials have urged people not to leave their homes out of fear.

So that fire engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles can reach them easily. Two fires since Friday near the towns of Quilpué and Villa Alemana have burned at least 8,000 hectares (19,770 acres), according to officials.

One of these fires was threatening the coastal resort town of Viña del Mar. Where some neighborhoods have already been badly affected.

On a hill on the eastern edge of the city are Villa Independência. Where the massive fire burnt many houses and commercial blocks to ashes.

Cars on the roads were also burnt to ashes. Rolando Fernandez, a local resident here, said that he has been living in this area for the last 32 years.

Never thought this would happen. Fernandez’s house was destroyed in the fire. He told that on Friday afternoon he saw a fire burning on the hill and within 15 minutes everything was burnt to ashes.

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