Military Strength Ranking 2024: America tops, know India ranking

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Military Strength Ranking 2024: Let us tell you that the military strength ranking 2024 has been released. It is clear from the ranking that India’s army is stronger than the armies of countries like Japan, UK, South Korea, and Turkey.

In the military strength ranking 2024, America is at the top and Bhutan is at the last. Let us know in this article about rankings of selected countries of the world and India.

Military Strength Ranking 2024: criteria scale

Military strength ranking 2024 is based on 145 countries worldwide. Military strength ranking is based on more than 60 criteria scale such as number of troops, financial stability, military equipment, geographical location and available resources.

These criteria scale together determine the PowerIndex score, where lower scores indicate stronger military capabilities.

The PowerIndex score is compiled by Global Firepower index, the world’s leading ranking authority. Global Firepower issued a statement after the release of this list.

It has been said in this statement that ours is a unique ranking. The in-house formula allows smaller, more technologically advanced countries to compete with larger and less developed powers.

Military Strength Ranking 2024: Purpose

These multi-faceted military strength ranking aim to present a more complete picture of military capabilities beyond raw firepower.

Everything is done taking into account the country’s economic strength, logistics efficiency and even geography. Global Firepower Index hopes to provide a more nuanced understanding of the global military landscape.

145 countries have been included in this report. And it also examined how each country’s ranking changed from one year to the next.

Military Strength India’s Ranking

Let me tell you that the ranking of India’s army is stronger than that of many developed countries. According to this ranking, Indian Army is the fourth most powerful army in the world.

In list Indian Army ranks fourth after America, Russia and China. South Korea is at fifth position in this list. UK is at sixth position. Many other big countries are also included in this.

Military Strength Ranking 2024: Top 20 Countries name

SN.Countries NameRanking Rate
1USAPwrIndx: 0.0699
2RussiaPwrIndx: 0.0702
3ChinaPwrIndx: 0.0706
4IndiaPwrIndx: 0.1023
5South KoreaPwrIndx: 0.1416
6UKPwrIndx: 0.1443
7JapanPwrIndx: 0.1601
8TurkeyPwrIndx: 0.1697
9PakistanPwrIndx: 0.1711
10ItalyPwrIndx: 0.1863
11FrancePwrIndx: 0.1878
12BrazilPwrIndx: 0.1944
13IndonesiaPwrIndx: 0.2269
14Iran PwrIndx: 0.2269
15EgyptPwrIndx: 0.2283
16AustraliaPwrIndx: 0.2515
17IsraelPwrIndx: 0.2596
18UkrainePwrIndx: 0.2598
19GermanyPwrIndx: 0.2847
20SpainPwrIndx: 0.2882

Military Power Ranking 2024: Names of bottom 10 countries

SN.Countries name Ranking Rate
1BhutanPwrIndx: 6.3704
2MoldovaPwrIndx: 4.2311
3SurinamePwrIndx: 3.9038
4SomaliaPwrIndx: 3.9006
5BeninPwrIndx: 3.8912
6LiberiaPwrIndx: 3.7262
7BelizePwrIndx: 3.6337
8Sierra LeonePwrIndx: 3.5433
9Central African RepublicPwrIndx: 3.5316
10IcelandPwrIndx: 3.5038

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Military Strength Ranking 2024, Ranking credit: Global Firepower index


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