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Nadatur Alwan: Son-in-law Sri Ramanuja

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Sri Ramanujar had two sons-in-law Mudaliyandan and Nadatur Alwan. Among them was Varadaguru, the grandson of Nadatur Alwan. Varadaguru Kanchipuram used to recite Vedas daily at Varadaraja Perumal sannadi. One day while he was reciting the Vedas, the priest brought milk to Perumal to offer.

Steam was coming from the milk as it was brought from the oven to bake. Varadaguru saw that “Swami!” called the priest and said, “Bring that milk here!” said. “This is milk to offer to Perumal!” said the priest. “I know that! Give it here!” Varadaguru asked and bought it.

Just like a mother gives milk to her child, after cooling the milk and bringing it to a bearable temperature, give it to the priest and say, “Now let’s offer this to Perumal!” said. “Why did you freeze the milk?” asked the priest. Varadaguru replied, “How gentle is Perumal, Who has a beautiful wife? Won’t giving him such hot milk burn his tongue?” he asked.

“You are well-versed in the Vedas. The Vedas say that fire originated from the Lord’s tongue. So how can this milk burn his tongue? Isn’t he divine?” asked the priest. “Looking at his glories, one can feel that this milk does not burn his tongue. But looking at his shape and softness, as a mother shows to her child.

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His glory and strength do not stand in our hearts unless we can show affection!” Varadaguru said. The priest took the milk given by Varadaguru to Perumal. Then “Mom!” A voice! Everyone looked curiously at where the voice came from. What’s weird? Varadaraja Perumal called Varadaguru loudly, “Mother!” called that.

Amazed, the priest asked, “Did you call this Varadaguru ‘mother’?” asked Perumal. “I am the mother and father of all the worlds. Even though I have shown love to all beings, Priest… No one has ever shown me such motherly love. But as this boon has now shown me such affection, I call her mother!” Varadaraja Perumal said.

From that day onwards, the name Varadaguru disappeared and everyone started calling him ‘Nadadur Ammal’.
(He associated the town with the name ‘Amma’ given by Perumal as Natadhur was the town where he had incarnated). (given as Natatur Ammal.)

The next day the priest said to Nadatur Ammal, “Swami! I have a doubt. With love for Perumal. You cooled the milk and offered it to him.
But all these days we have only warm milk. We submitted to Perumal. So will Perumal get angry and punish us?” he asked.

Nadatur Ammal replied, “He will not punish you for sure. Sixteen different ways when we start our daily pooja. After saying that we are going to perform upasarams, we end up doing thirty-two types of upasarams. But Perumal takes care of that too.

Even if you serve warm milk for that Perumal will not get angry. Don’t be afraid! As the water and the moon are naturally cold,
Just like that, Perumal has a natural quality of patience!” He said that.


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