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Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore: Know about Women’s Conference

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Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore: Author of Nari Srishti in Sanatana Parampara. The Indian idea of ​​Nari is the best. Gargi, Maitreyi, is the author of Rigveda Sukta. Akkamahadevi, a world-recognized woman.

Left the confines of her family in her youth and went in search of spiritual awareness, people with historical consciousness can understand this, says Dr. Karnataka State Open University’s Kannada department professor. Jyotishankar said. This Naree Shakti Sangam banglore helds in north banglore Karnataka.

On behalf of the Yadava Seva Pratishthan, he addressed the program of Brihat Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore held at EBISU Convention Center, Bangalore North Division.

Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore

The Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore program was inaugurated by retired Justice Manjula Chellur. In the inaugural program Smt. S. G. Sushila amma, Mataji Uma Bharati of Siddarudh Ashram and Dr | Jyotishankar was present. 2350 women participated in the program which included professionals from various fields.

In the Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore program there was a discussion on “Status of women in India and challenges faced by women”.

Rekha Ramachandran, founder and secretary of Disha Bharat Institute, who spoke at the closing ceremony, said that in Durga Saptashati, Aparajita Stotra praises Mother as Vidya Rupena, Shakti Rupena, Daya Rupena. Which are ideal for women in our culture. Bhu Mata, Ganga Mata, Bharat Mata are all compared to Maa.

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conspiracies going on to break up the country

Now there are conspiracies going on to break up the country. Serials, cinema, market trends are destroying our culture without us. At a time like this, “What can I do?” Time to think about that.

We are all ambassadors of Sanatan Dharma Swami Vivekananda always said, “We should have Sanatan Dharma in one hand and science in the other”.

Sanatan Dharma is scientific

Sanatan Dharma is scientific He called upon all of us to become ambassadors of such a religion.

Women scientists of ISRO who played an important role in the successful launch of Chandrayaan were felicitated in the programme. The program concluded with Vande Mataram. This is discussed on Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore.

Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore : Press Conference

A press conference on the ‘Naree Shakti Sangam banglore’ women’s conference program to be held at BMS Engineering College, Basavanagudi on Sunday, November 26, 2023 by Samarth Bharat was held at the conference hall of Rashtrothana Parishad, Chamarajpet.

In the program, the president of ‘Naree Shakti Sangam banglore’ women’s conference. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane, Vice President Dr. L. Gomatidevi, Bengaluru South Division Coordinator Tejaswini, Karnataka South Province Women’s Coordination Co-Coordinator Vasant Swamy, members of the reception committee were present.

Highlights of the press conference on Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore

Bangalore South Division Level Women’s Conference ‘Naree Shakti Sangam banglore’ Women’s Conference is being organized by Samarth Bharat. This women’s conference will be held on Sunday 26th November from 9:00 AM at Basavanagudi B.M.S.

It will be held in the College of Engineering. This women’s conference aims to bring together women who are concerned about society, to give social vision to women in various professions. It will be organized with a view to providing opportunities for social service in their field of interest.

Around 2000 women will participate in this event, there will be a workshop on activities like brainstorming of social and national issues, environment conservation, introductory exhibition of women achievers of India, National Literature Store, Vanavasi, Go Product and Swadeshi stores.

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This women’s conference was chaired by Dr. Dr. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane, Vice President. L. Gomatidevi will be officiating. Sanskrit and Indology expert, founder and president of Vibhu Academy, Dr. Aarti VB will inaugurate the program and speak in a seminar on the topic “Women in Indian Thought”.

At 10:30 am there will be a discussion on the topic ‘Status of Local Women, Challenges and Solutions’. The conference will conclude at 12:15 PM on the theme “Role of Women in the Development of Modern India”. Professor of Sanskrit at the closing ceremony. Former members of the Legislative Council Dr. S. R. Leela will be present.

It was informed in the press conference that this program is being conducted in collaboration with ‘Samartha Bharat’, a self-help platform that aims to tackle the social, economic, civic, environmental and other challenges of Karnataka.

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Naree Shakti Sangam Bangalore, featured image credit: Vishwa Samvada Kendra Karnataka.


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