Nikki Haley on Israel Gaza War: All Islamic countries close doors to people of Gaza

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Nikki Haley on Israel Gaza War: the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in America, spoke. That Islamic countries themselves do not want Hamas. Why closed the doors to the people of Gaza?

Amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas terrorists, America’s Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley on Israel Gaza War has taken on Islamic countries.

He expressed concern over the conditions of the Palestinian people and said that we should take care of the innocent people. Because whatever is happening right now. He has no hand in it.

Where are the Arab countries now? Where are Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt? Do you know that we give billions of dollars to Egypt every year? Why are they not opening their doors? Why are they not helping the Palestinians?

Nikki Haley on Israel Gaza War: Islamic countries themselves do not want Hamas

Nikki Haley says that these Arab and Gulf countries are not giving shelter to the people of Palestine.

Because they know very well that they will not be able to handle them. All these countries do not want to give shelter to Hamas in their home.

Then why would Israel want to keep Hamas terrorists in its neighborhood? Nikki Haley says we all need to be honest on this issue.

Arab countries are not helping Palestinians because they do not want to keep the people of Gaza around them. Nikki Haley says that if Arab countries want, they can solve this problem themselves.

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They have the power to stop Hamas and ask them to immediately release the hostages. But everyone knows that Qatar will continue to work with Hamas as always.

And Iran will continue to financially support the Hamas terrorist organization.

Nikki Haley on Israel Gaza War: What Hamas has done is brutal

Republican candidate Nikki Haley on Israel Gaza War says what Hamas has done is beyond cruelty.

He did not spare even the children. They want all Israelis dead. Hamas is using Israeli hostages as human shields.

It is noteworthy that the manner in which Hamas terrorists had massacred Israelis on Saturday, October 7.

After that now Israel is retaliating. Gaza has turned into a cloud of dust due to the fierce attacks by the Israeli Army and Air Force.

At the same time, before conducting ground operations against terrorists, he had asked the United Nations to leave Palestinian citizens from Northern Gaza within 24 hours. However, that period has now ended.

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