Oraimo FreePods Lite: Best audio quality and long battery life

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Oraimo FreePods Lite: If you want to buy such earbuds. Whose price is less than Rs 800. So we have brought a great option for you. The name of this earbuds is Oraima FreePods Lite.

This Oraimo FreePods Lite is also a budget friendly device with top class audio quality and long battery life. Let us talk in detail about Oraimo FreePods Lite.

Oraimo FreePods Lite Features Review

We know that Oraimo brings good quality cheap and affordable devices to its users.

We know that Oraimo brings good quality cheap and affordable devices to its users. Now let us know the features of Oraimo’s new earbuds Oraimo FreePods Lite. I am telling you the quality of this feature as a review after using it for some days.

Oraimo FreePods Lite Price

Oraimo FreePods Lite is available to the users at an affordable price of Rs 799. You can buy it from and other places. Due to its good quality and cheapness, anyone can buy it.

Connectivity of Oraimo FreePods Lite

In this you get the facility of Bluetooth v5.2 for good and stable connectivity. It can provide connectivity up to a distance of about 5 meters. Due to this connectivity you also get good signal.

Apart from this you get low-latency, gaming mode. The company said that ENC feature has also been given in it. But we have not been able to experience it better.

Design and sound quality of Oraimo FreePods Lite

In Oraimo FreePods Lite, the company has provided an excellent and transparent design. For its audio performance, it has a 10mm driver. Which has been introduced with HavyBass technology. With its help you get balanced sound quality.

Color options of Oraimo FreePods Lite

This device comes in three color options.

  • Icelake Blue,
  • Nebula Blue,
  • and Phantom Black.

This device can be easily handled and used.

Charging and battery life of Oraimo FreePods Lite

If we talk about battery, the company provides 40 hours of battery life with this device. We have used this device for about 5 days after fully charging it.

Type-C charging is available in it. Which gives 2 hours of battery life in just 10 minutes.

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Disclaimer: We are not do a paid review, endorsement, or affiliate for this Oraimo FreePods Lite device. If you want to buy a cheap device like it, then use your skills.


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