Pain of Partition India: Partitioned due to the weakness of the Congress

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Pain of Partition India- On behalf of the Congress party, it is repeatedly said that we got freedom in the country. Whereas every street, every locality, and every household member of the country was involved in the freedom movement.

But on the instigation of the Congress, the historians wrote the history of the freedom struggle in such a way that apart from the Nehru-Gandhi family and some veteran leaders of the Congress party. No one else’s name or contribution is visible in the freedom movement.

That’s why Congress, which gives credit for the success of the freedom movement only to itself, should also tell who was responsible for the partition of the country. Who was responsible for the massacres that became common during the partition.

And the incidents that shamed humanity? Not only this. But it should also be told who is responsible for the problems that arose in front of India due to the partition of the country and the consequences of which the country is still suffering today?

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The then Congress leadership will be called responsible for the massacre at the time of independence because many wrong decisions were taken due to its short-sightedness. Mahatma Gandhi was against the partition of the country on the basis of religion.

So he did not participate in the celebration of independence. Because this was not the freedom that Mahatma Gandhi fought for. Mahatma Gandhi had demanded complete independence with peace and tranquility, but due to the then Congress leaders, he got only half success in his objective.

If you look at the developments at the time of independence, it would be clear that the real reason for the partition of India was the lust for power of the then Congress leadership. The Congress knew that the British had a divide-and-rule policy.

Understanding this, it was a big mistake to agree to the partition of India. The then Congress leadership had committed a lot of crimes by not opposing the British government at the time of partition.

If seen, the then leadership of the Congress was eager how to capture power as soon as possible. That’s why he didn’t feel any pain during the partition of India. The Pain of Partition India was felt by those people who had to leave their homes, lost their relatives, and lost their property.

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It is also mentioned in history that wherever the British ruled, they partitioned only four countries – Ireland, Palestine, Cyprus, and India. The British gave religious and racial reasons for the partition, but the real reason was their own political and strategic interests.

Of all the partitions made by the British, the partition of India was most affected by violence. That’s why the question arises despite understanding the trick of the British, why there was no opposition to the partition by the then Congress leadership.

If seen, the partition of India is one of the biggest displacements in human history. Due to which about 20 to 25 lakh people were affected. Lakhs of families had to leave their native villages, towns, and cities and were forced to lead a struggling life as refugees.

Many scholars believe that at that time Congress had not shown greed for power and had not bowed down before the British. Then neither the country would have been partitioned nor the people would have been displaced. In fact, the British had sensed the eagerness of Congress to get power at any cost.

So in a planned way, the announcement of independence was made first and the announcement of partition later. With this, the responsibility of maintaining peace immediately fell on the new governments of India and Pakistan.

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Obviously, both governments were not ready to establish peace. Because of this, the situation kept getting worse. Seeing this, the riots continued to flare up, and when the bodies of Hindus and Sikhs started arriving in trains from Pakistan. People here also became vehement.

This was the reason that while on the one hand, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his associates were engaged in assuming power. On the other hand, Mahatma Gandhi sat on a fast in Noakhali. Bengal to stop the communal riots that broke out due to partition and Independence Day celebrations.

Didn’t even attend. The history that we get about the situation of that time is very frightening. While the morning of 15 August 1947 brought freedom. And there was happiness on everyone’s face. There were also scenes of people sitting on trains, bullock carts, horses, or mules or walking with luggage on their heads and carrying their children.

Leaving their motherland holding hands, they were leaving for a separate country. The death toll of people in the communal riots that broke out during the partition of India is said to be up to 20 lacks. If you see, don’t know how many families were separated in those riots.

How many women had to lose their respect. How many people’s bodies were cut into pieces, and how many people’s houses were looted or burnt. The then government and administration just kept on appealing for peace.

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This was the biggest failure of the then politicians that neither they could stop the partition of the country nor the massacre. But the question arises whether today’s Congress will take the credit for that failure.

Along with this, there is also a question from those. Who actively participated in the partition process during the 1962 war during the rule of Pandit Nehru. When China had occupied a large area of ​​India and the then central government could not do anything.

If it was found then who is to be blamed for that? Also, a question raised by those who actively participated in the partition process is that. When Indira Gandhi’s government harmed India’s interests by ceding Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka in 1974. Who is to be blamed for that?

By the way, it is a matter of pride that since independence. India has progressed a lot and has become the world’s largest. And most successful democracy and third-largest economy. But the Pain of Partition India of the partition of the country can never be forgotten. While celebrating our independence.

As a grateful nation, we must pay homage to the sons and daughters of our motherland. Who had to sacrifice their lives in the frenzy of violence, on August 14, the Partition Memorial Day.

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Let us remind you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that every year August 14 will be celebrated as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. The intention behind the announcement of observing Partition vibhajan vibhishika smriti diwas was to let the present. And future generations know about the Pain of Partition India and suffering suffered by the people during the partition.

If seen, the Partition Vibhishika Memorial Day not only inspires us to eliminate the poison of discrimination, enmity, and ill will. But it will also strengthen the country’s unity. Social harmony, and human sensibilities.

However, when India got independence from British rule on August 15, 1947, along with the sweetness of freedom. It had to bear the trauma of the partition of the country. The newly independent Indian nation was born with the violent Pain of Partition India. Which left lasting scars of suffering on millions of Indians.

The political fighters of that time had made some such mistakes which cost the common people dearly. So once again the question arises that those who want to take credit for India’s independence. Alone should tell who is to be blamed for the partition of India?

Author- Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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