Pakistani beggar mafia: 90 percent of beggars in World are Pakistanis

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Pakistani beggar mafia 16 Pakistani beggars trying to go to Saudi Arabia for begging arrested in Multan. 90% of foreigners in Saudi Arabia are beggars. Who are of Pakistani origin.

Let us tell you that Pakistan Beggar Mafia: The government has arrested 16 beggars from Pakistan. All of them were going to Saudi Arabia to beg. They were caught in the plane by the officials of the Federal Investigation Agency.

The government has arrested 16 Pakistanis who were going abroad to beg. They were on their way to Saudi Arabia and were detained by authorities in Multan, Punjab province.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency, he was arrested two days ago on a plane going to Saudi Arabia. These include 11 women, four men and one child.

He told that all of them were going to Saudi on Umrah visa. These visas are issued to Muslims traveling to Mecca. People with this visa can visit Mecca at any time of the year. These are all Pakistani beggar mafia.

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When he was interrogated, he admitted that he was going to Saudi to beg. He told that there was an agreement to give half of the money earned by begging to the agents who arranged the journey.

He said that he will return to Pakistan after his Umrah visa expires. FIA officials said that action will be taken against him. The incident came within days of the government announcing that Pakistani beggar mafia. Who is exporting beggars to the world.

Pakistani begging mafia: All beggars abroad are Pakistanis

Earlier there was a discussion in the Senate regarding Pakistanis abroad. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs discussed this.

Foreign Secretary Zulfikar Haider told the committee that a large number of beggars are going abroad from Pakistan.

It has been revealed that 90 percent of the beggars arrested in foreign countries are from their own country. Most of them are using pilgrim visas to visit Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.

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Moreover, most of the pickpockets being arrested at holy places are Pakistani nationals, he said. He said that West Asian countries were a destination for Pakistani pickpockets. Now Japan is becoming the new destination for such people.

India reached the moon but Pakistani beggar mafia

Zulfikar Haider said that to increase Pakistan’s foreign exchange, skilled workers need to go abroad. He said that Saudi is now giving preference to skilled workers over unskilled ones.

At present 50 thousand engineers are unemployed in Pakistan. While India has reached the moon, Pakistan is making mistakes every day. Pakistani beggar mafia remained the same.

Pakistani beggar mafia: official figures

According to official figures, there are about 30 lakh Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, 15 lakh in UAE and 2 lakh in Qatar. A recent report states that the number of beggars going abroad from their country is very large. They are all Pakistani beggar mafia.

This further encourages human trafficking. However, it seems that countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq have warned Pakistan to arrest those arriving.

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