Pitrupaksha 2023: Muhurta, Importance, Vidhi, and Complete Dates of Shraadh

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Pitrupaksha 2023 is starting from Bhadrapada Shukla Purnima on 29 September 2023 which will continue till Ashwin Krishna Paksha Amavasya on 14 October. For the salvation of the ancestors, Shradh, Tarpan, Pinddaan, etc. are performed in Pitrupaksha 2023.

It is believed that by performing the Tarpana, shraddha, and pinddaan of ancestors during Pitrupaksha, their soul gets liberation and attains salvation. And he blesses his family members with happiness and prosperity. In the Hindu religion, Pitrupaksha is considered very important.

Pitrupaksha 2023 is of sixteen days

According to the Panchangam, there is a 16-day Pitrupaksha from Bhadrapada Shukla Purnima to Ashwin Krishna Amavasya. This year Pitrupaksha 2023 is from 29th September to 14th October.

This site is for sixteen days. He told us that we get education only from Sanatan Dharma and that our elders should be served during their lifetime, after their death, Pinddaan, Tarpan, and Brahmin food should also be done on their date.

Pitrupaksha 2023 Date And Muhurat

This year, from Bhadrapada Shukla Purnima to Amavasya, Pitripaksha will remain for 16 days. The dates of Pitrupaksha 2023 are as follows.

  • Poornima Shraddha – 29 September 2023, Friday
  • Pratipada Shraddha – 29 September 2023, Friday
  • Dwitiya Shraddha – 30 September 2023, Saturday (Ashwin, Krishna Pratipada)
  • Tritiya Shraddha – 1 October 2023, Sunday (Ashwin, Krishna Tritiya)
  • Chaturthi Shraddha – 2 October 2023, Monday (Ashwin, Krishna Chaturthi)
  • Maha Bharani Shraddha – 2 October 2023, Monday (Ashwin, Bharani Nakshatra)
  • Panchami Shraddha – October 3, 2023, Tuesday (Ashwin, Krishna Panchami)
  • Shashthi Shraddha – October 4, 2023, Wednesday (Ashwin, Krishna Shashthi)
  • Saptami Shraddha – 5 October 2023, Thursday (Ashwin, Krishna Saptami)
  • Ashtami Shraddha – 6 October 2023, Friday (Ashwin, Krishna Ashtami)
  • Navami Shraddha – October 7, 2023, Saturday (Ashwin, Krishna Navami)
  • Dashami Shraddha – 8 October 2023, Sunday (Ashwin, Krishna Dashami)
  • Ekadashi Shraddha – 9 October 2023, Monday (Ashwin, Krishna Ekadashi)
  • Magha Shraddha – 10 October 2023, Tuesday (Ashwin, Magha Nakshatra)
  • Dwadashi Shraddha – 11 October 2023, Wednesday (Ashwin, Krishna Dwadashi)
  • Trayodashi Shraddha – October 12, 2023, Thursday (Ashwin, Krishna Trayodashi)
  • Chaturdashi Shraddha – 13 October 2023, Friday (Ashwin, Krishna Chaturdashi)
  • Sarvapitri Amavasya October 14, 2023, Saturday (Ashwin, Krishna Amavasya)

Shraddha’s special time

Navami for mothers, Dwadashi for sanyasis, Chaturdashi for those who died prematurely and for those whose death is not known, Amavasya Tithi is considered best for Shradh Karma.

Salvation is achieved by good deeds like food donation, body donation, Yagya

Pitrupaksha 2023

It is considered best to do Annadan, Pindadan, Shraddha, and Yajnadi Karma in the Naimisharanya pilgrimage. From Bhadrapada month Shukla Pratipada, this sequence continues continuously till Pitra Visarjani Amavasya of Ashwin month. Naimish’s Acharya Sadanand Dwivedi tells that the person who bathes in Chakratirth and donates the body and does Tarpan.

Along with his religious merit, his ancestors get salvation. He told that offering water including barley, sesame, and rice to the ancestors through the Sun God is a tarpan. Kush is necessary at the time of Tarpan. There are four actions mentioned in the Shradh ritual of the Vedic tradition. Pindadan, Havan, Tarpan and food to Brahmins.

Shraddha Samanya Vidhi

Shradh is performed for the ancestors of three generations of our family on their annual date. A good householder must perform Shradh so that we can get the blessings of our ancestors. First of all, in the morning, after retiring from daily work, after taking a bath and worshiping God, remember and bow down to your ancestors.

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And remember their qualities. Invite a scholar Brahmin of your ability and feed him and do tarpan and shradh for the ancestors with him. First of all, make a resolution. Water, flowers, and sesame must be kept in hand for resolution.

Take a resolution like this

ॐ तत्सत्,अद्य —गोत्रोत्पन्न: (Speak the clan) ——नामाऽहम् (Speak the name) आश्विन मासे कृष्ण पक्षे——– ———-तिथौ—————वासरे स्व पित्रे (Father) /पितामहाय (Grand Father) मात्रे (Mother) मातामह्यै (Grand Mother) निमित्तम् तस्य श्राद्धतिथौ यथेष्ठं , सामर्थ्यं श्रद्धानुसारं तर्पणं/ श्राद्ध/ ब्राह्मण भोजनं च करिष्ये ।

Meaning of Sankalp Sanskrit

This resolution can also be spoken in English.

Today——born in gotra—I will perform tarpan, shradh, and Brahmin food on the occasion of my father/grandfather/mother/grandmother on their shraddh date on the occasion of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month.

After that, put pure water, Ganges water, milk, curd and honey, black sesame, and some flowers in a big vessel or dish for the offering. On this occasion, along with Pitr Tarpan, Dev Tarpan, and Rishi Tarpan are also performes.

First of all, the deity is worshipping. Some Durvankur will be taking under the thumb of the right hand. Will keeping their leaves on the outside. (This is calling Dev Mudra)

ओम् भूर्भुव: स्व:ब्रह्माविष्णुरूद्रेभ्य; तृपयामि (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Brahma Vishnu Rudrebhya; Tripyami.) By saying this, water will be filles in Anjuli from the side of the little finger and where we have presses the doob grass under the thumb. Will take that other hand out by rotating it. Sacrifice to the gods by speaking this mantra seven times.

After this, the Rishis will perform Tarpan for the Saptarishis seven times just like the Dev Tarpan. ओम् भूर्भुव: स्व: सप्तर्षिभ्य; तर्पयामि (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Saptarshibhya; Tarpayami). After this, take out that Durva grass from under the thumb and mix the five fingers together. This is calleing Pitra Mudra.

Durva grass will be presses in it. Will offer to his ancestral deity seven times. ओम भूर्भुव: स्व: पितरेभ्य: तृपयामि (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Pitrebhya: Tripyami). By chanting such a mantra, fill water from the bottom of the little finger and straighten the hand and leave it in the water between the fingers.

Mantra for the previous generation (Pitra)

Pitrupaksha 2023

Father :- ओम भूर्भुव: स्व: पित्रेभ्य: तृपयामि। (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Pitrebhya: Tripyami)

Mother :- ओम भूर्भुव: स्व: मात्रेभ्य:तर्पयामि। (Om Bhurbhuva: Self: Matrebhya: Tarpayami)

Grand Father :- ओम् भूर्भुवः स्व: पितामहेभ्य:तर्पयामि। (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Pitamahebhya: Tarpayami)

Grabd Mother :- ओम् भूर्भुव: स्व: मातामहीभ्य:तर्पयामि। (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Matamahibhya: Tarpayami)

Great Grand Father:- ओम् भूर्भुव: स्व: प्रपितामहेभ्य: तर्पयामि। (Om Bhurbhuva: Swa: Prapitamahebhya: Tarpayami will speak)

By the way, if we go into detail, then we do tarpan by pronouncing five or seven generations of our father’s clan and we have to do tarpan by pronouncing five generations of our maternal side as well. Which can be dones only by a learner teacher. The above method is most suitable for the general public.

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After tarpan, prepare the food of your ancestor’s choice and keep it on a plate and keep 6 puris or parathas or rotis. Divide them into six parts like this. Whatever things are makes on each pudi, keeping a little bit of all of them and then pour water over them twice.

What to do before food in Shradh?

According to the Hindu religion, some rules have been making before the meal in Shradh. It must be following. First of all, Prasad should be distributing respectively. Let’s know this method…

  • One part is cow Bali. (Feed vegetable puri, and sweetmeat to the cow.)
  • The second part is Kaak (for crows) Bali. (For the purpose of crows, take out a portion and keep it on the roof of the house or keep it in the open ground.)
  • The third part is Swan (for dog) sacrifice. (give food to the dog on the way)
  • The fourth part is Pipilika Bali (for the ants). (For ants, put semolina, sugar, mishri etc. food near a dry tree at the ant’s place.)
  • The fifth part is Vishwe Deva (for all the gods) (Offer prasad to all the gods and goddesses of the world.)
  • And the sixth part is Chandal Bali. (Offer food to your priest Chandal who gives fire at the time of death)

After that offer food to a Brahmin, if a Brahmin is not founding. Then feed food to a religious preacher or a worthy character. Then after that send off the Brahmin by giving Dakshina. After touching their feet, eat yourself.

What is Tirtha Naimisharanya?

Pilgrimage Naimisharanya has gone to the navel. That’s why devotees from every corner of the country come here to offer prayers at Naimisharanya in Pitrupaksha. All the devotees from neighboring countries Nepal, Sri Lanka including Madhya Pradesh, etc.

Reach the pilgrimage and perform tarpan and shraddha rituals for the salvation of the forefathers. According to the Puranas, Tirtha Naimisharanya is supposing to vanquish all the sufferings of man. The good deeds done here destroy all the sins of man.

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From Satyug, the law of Shradh and Tarpan is still going on. It is tolds that the ancestors get salvation by offering them in Pitrupaksha. The forefathers are satisfying and give blessings of healthy viva, best children, etc.

One of the mythological places of Naimisharanya is Nabhi Gaya (Kashi Kund) and Chakra Tirtha along with Shraddha and Tarpan on the banks of river Gomti.

(This information is base on religious beliefs and secular beliefs. Which have been present only keeping in mind the general public interest. We have written this article by collecting the information available on the public platform.)


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