Ram Mandir Free VIP Entry Ticket Scam, Beware on WhatsApp

Ram Mandir free VIP entry ticket scam
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Ram Mandir Free VIP Entry Ticket Scam: Vicious people are cheating innocent Ram devotees through WhatsApp. A big scam is happening in the name of VIP entry in the consecration of Ram Janmabhoomi temple.

Beware of this fraud to you and your relatives. These dogs are not even afraid of Lord Ram. People are being stalked in his name. Ram Mandir free VIP entry ticket Scam.

Scams have become very common on WhatsApp but every time scammers find new ways to cheat people.

This time too Doug has found a new method. In which they are cheating people in the name of Ram Mandir VIP tickets. Today we will give you detailed information about how to avoid this fraud.

Ram Mandir Free VIP Entry Ticket Scam on WhatsApp

Let us tell you that after almost 500 years of struggle, the construction of Ram temple is being completed. 22 January is no less than a celebration for Ram devotees.

In such a situation, every Hindu around the world wishes to go to Ayodhya for this holy ceremony. In such a situation, if someone is giving you a VIP ticket to go to Ram Temple for free.

Then there will be no limit to your happiness. But stay safe! This is not a free VIP ticket, but a means to cheat you. You may find your wallet empty due to this Ram Mandir free VIP entry ticket scam.

Fraud through whatsapp through fake link

The consecration ceremony for the Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22 is approaching. Along with that a WhatsApp scam has come to light.

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this enthusiasm. Fake messages are being sent on WhatsApp regarding free VIP entry for the consecration of Ram temple.

Ram Mandir Free VIP Entry Ticket Scam, Beware yourself

Now you have come to know that scammers are giving free VIP passes for the inauguration of Ram Mandir. But these offers are fake. People should not trust them.

Through this message, scammers ask you to download an APK file. These files can be spyware or malware. This can pose a serious risk of data theft to people.

In such a situation, it would be better not to download any unknown link given in the message nor open any file.

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