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Sewa Bharti: Teacher and adolescent development training program completed

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Sewa Bharti, a subsidiary organization of Rashtriya Swayamsevak, extends its services to the underprivileged and backward people of society through different mediums. Sewa Bharti runs many such youth development programs through which adolescent girls can develop mentally and physically and at the same time they can be made strong so that they can fight against the evils of society.

A program was organized in the hall of Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Noida, in which a program was organized on teacher training and adolescent development. During this, these teachers and adolescent girls got the company of many people.

In the education-culture and adolescent development workshop, through education and culture, how to create national awakening consciousness in deprived and underprivileged settlements, how to protect adolescent girls from malnourishment by eating food available at home, how to avoid love jihad, etc.

On the subject, Mr. Dhaniram ji, Area Service Head, Anil ji Area Organization Minister, Kailash Sharma ji, Provincial President Meerut Province, Vinod Bansal ji All India Spokesperson, Vishwa Hindu Parishad received company of these girls. In this event, four service tasks of Sewa Bharti were selected and all the programs were organized under this.

And in the first part of the program, after lighting the lamp, adolescent girls were trained to remain physically fit. In this, Sewa Bharti’s field organization minister Anil Ji taught the girls how to strengthen themselves through yoga, sports, and pranayama. Along with this, the teachers also formed their own groups and played games, etc. with these children.

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After this, the second phase of the program started with information about nutritious food. Dietician Vandana Rajput associated with Kailash Hospital gave information about how our food should be. How do we have to make our plate colorful with different types of food and at what time and how much to eat?

sewa bharti
In this workshop, Vinod Bansal, All India Spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. While giving detailed information about Love Jihad to about 100 girls of Sewa Bharti. Told how you are being trapped by hiding your identity in this game of conversion. And Islamic You are being made a victim under that deceitful Jihad.

in detail about the incidents of love jihad, he told the girls of the township what is love jihad. How love jihad can be avoided, and how others can also be saved from love jihad. How can the teachers at the education and culture centers of Sewa Bharti make the adolescent. Are girls aware of such incidents and make them aware of the cobwebs of love jihad? Vinod Bansal ji gave very detailed information on all these points in the workshop.

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After this, Area Service Chief Dhaniram told about the works of Sewa Bharti. And how Seva Bharti works for the deprived and backward.
Meerut Prant President of Seva Bharti Kailash Sharma ji told. What is the need for an education and culture center in Seva Basti. Vande Mataram was sung at the end of the program and after that, the program ended.

The program was coordinated by Noida Metropolitan President Anita Chaudhary and she was supported by Surbhi Singh. Other dignitaries of Seva Bharti were also present in this program. Including Amritpal Madhusudan Dadu Neelam Shukla Dewangan, Manjusha Deshmukh, and Pawan Gupta.

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