Socialist-secular word removed to Constitution – Congress alleges

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Socialist-secular word removed to Constitution – The Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Choudhary has said that the words socialist and secular are not there in the new copies of the Constitution given to the politicians on the day of the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

Adhir said, ‘We know these words were added after an amendment in 1976. But if today someone gives us the Constitution and these words are not there in it. Then it is a matter of concern.’

Actually, the work in the special session of Parliament which started from 18th September started from 19th September. All the MPs were taken from the old building to the new building. Just then, the MPs were given a copy of the Constitution.

According to Adhir Ranjan, two words have been removed from this copy of the Constitution. Whereas Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal in the BJP government says that these words were not in the original Constitution.

Congress leader said – BJP’s intentions are doubtful on Socialist-secular word removed

Adhir Ranjan accused the BJP government that the intentions of the BJP are doubtful. Socialist-secular words removed to the Constitution. This has been done very cleverly.

This is a matter of concern for me. I tried to raise this issue, but I did not get a chance to raise this issue. When I was reading it. I couldn’t find these two words.

And i added these myself… I even showed it to Rahul Gandhi. Why do we revise? This represents a deliberate attempt to change our Constitution.

Law Minister- Socialist-secular word were not in the original Constitution

On Adhir Ranjan’s question, Law Minister Arjunram Meghwal said. ‘When the Constitution came into existence. There were no words socialist and secular then. These words were added in the 42nd amendment of the Constitution.

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