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Sri Kalika Durga Parameshwari Temple Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore

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Although the Vidyaranyapura Kalika Durga Parameshwari temple was erected by Sri Ramu Sastry, in the year of 1988.

It is very famous among the Bangaloreans. As the mere visit of the Supreme Goddess in the form of Sri Durga Parameshwari is highly powerful to remove. Any problem of the devotees that they start to live a prosperous and happy life.

With the 108 feet high main Gopuram, the temple looks magnificent and includes the sanctum sanctorum for 9 physically manifested incarnations of Goddess Durga.

Which may include Shailaputri, Chandraghanta, Brhmacharini, Kushmanda, Kartiyayini, Skandamata, Kaalratri, Siddhidhatri and Mahagauri.

Along with the unique combination of 9 avatars of Durga Maata(Nava Durga)we can also pray to Lord Mahaganapathy. Lord Subramanya Swamy, Lord Nartaka Krishna and Lord Narasimha Swamy.

The Kalika Durga Parameshwari temple also includes exclusive chambers for Lord Shaneeshwaran and Navagrahas. Each of them is placed in a different sanctum sanctorum.

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Apart from the above said, Sri Kalika Durga Parameshwari temple includes Goddess Yakshini. Who immediately fulfills the wishes of the devotees, who write their wish on a paper and tie it on the goddess.


To add to the divinity, the entire Kalika Durga Parameshwari temple is filled with sculptures. Portraying the mythology related to Lord Shiva. And Goddess Parvathi. Since its origination. The doors of the temple had been flung open every day, without fail.

The Kalika Durga Parameshwari temple is known for different types of exclusive poojas offered to the Goddess. Every other day, the devotees are blessed with hot and very delicious free noon meal.

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After completing the Maha Mangalarathi. The meals include Sambar, Rasam, Buttermilk and Rice.

Since visiting this temple and glimpsing the Maha Durga brings the sense of empowerment to easily solve their life problems, plenty of devotees from various regions of Bangalore gather in the temple to immerse in the MahaAbishekam on the Sunday.

The strong vision of the founder of the temple to spread the power of Divine Mother is getting established that since its origination, the temple has witnessed an incredible progress in respect to infrastructure, poojas and services.

Which please the devotees. Although it had a humble opening, the fruits of its massive growth have been enjoyed by the devotees.

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